This week on “World of Dance” the qualifying rounds continue with dancers from around the world compete to move on to the next round and the ultimate $1 million prize.

Teens Jonas and Ruby get the night of dancing started off with a fusion Paso Doble. An impressed Jennifer was even more impressed when she learned that the dancers were only 15 and 14. Jennifer said that they were beautiful in sync and had a super strong performance quality. Ne-Yo called them both stars; adding that they did a great job. A Ballroom dancer himself, Derek loved the changes into different dance styles. Derek noted that last season there was a great Ballroom dance team who fell off in the duel round; Ruby revealed that one of those dancers was her brother. The duo scored 84.7 points for their dance.

New Zealand crew The Bradas grabbed the judge’s attention from the moment they walked on stage. Ne-Yo said that they were amazing to watch; making the difficult things look easy. Derek noted that the formations were super clean. Jennifer noted that the show is exposing how dancers really are athletes; adding that some of the best athletes in the world were on the “World of Dance” stage. The Bradas scored 87.7 points for their dance.

Fourteen year old tap dancer Lucas Marinetto impressed Ne-Yo with his swag and energy. Jennifer noted that Lucas was a showman who had a sense that it was about the crowd and not himself. Saying that the dance felt good, Derek was impressed with Lucas’ choices. The judges also had a little advice for Lucas on things that he could do for the next round pertaining to style and dance moves. Lucas scored 82.7 points for his dance.

The Contemporary dance team Expressenz were excited to dance for Derek. One of the girls drew a picture of Derek in art class. Derek noted that the turns were so in sync; but the routine felt more like a studio dance with no authentic emotion. Agreeing with Derek, Ne-Yo said that they were super together and made it look effortless. Disagreeing with the guys, Jennifer said that the routine made her heart soar; adding that the routine was beautiful with perfect execution. The girls scored 87 points for their dance. Derek came back stage to meet the girs and they gave him the picture of himself.

America’s Best Dance Crew” winners Poreotics gave a performance that had Derek saying had great control and all the ingredients to do very well on the show. Agreeing that the guys have what it takes to go far, Ne-Yo wanted to see something he hadn’t seen before. Again disagreeing with the guys, Jennifer said that her eyes were glued to the crew the whole time because she didn’t want to miss a move. The crew scored 88 points for their dance.

The last performance of the night was from last season’s runner up Eva Igo who brought the judges to their feet and had the crowd screaming after her dance. Jennifer said that the dance had a whole new level of intensity and passion. Eva blew Derek away and gave him chills with her performance. Ne-Yo said that she was a joy to watch with amazing flexibility, passion, and energy; adding that he was happy she was back. Eva scored 95 points for her dance.

Next week the qualifying rounds continue.