Last week on “Face Off: Battle Royale” eliminated their first artists when Jo and Sasha were sent home and Walter claimed the win.

This week the remaining artists will delve into the world of ancient cultures when they must recreate the gods from the Meso-American culture of the Aztecs.

There are scrolls on the table with the names of some of the Aztec gods, each artist chooses a scroll to decide their god. The challenge is to incorporate the alien that inspired the gods.

Damien and Graham have Tonatiuh
Derek and Matt have Tlaloc
Yvonne and Mel have Xochipilli
Kelly and Walter have Quetzalcoatl
Kevon and Jordan have Tezcatlipoca

Mentor Michael Westmore visits the workroom to give the artists some tips and advice.

Mel’s fertility god is looking fishy and she has to get the fishy look out but doesn’t want to have to start over after spending the past two hours on the sculpture.

Kevon is hung up on his sculpture and asks Kelly for some advice…because he knows she will be honest with him.

Derek has decided to create a lot of different pieces for his character and is a bit worried about whether he has enough time to get it all molded and painted.

Not wanting to work with feathers, Kelly vacuum formed a mask and didn’t add any release to the mask to release the clay and is having some major issues getting the clay cleaned out of the mask.

Matt is creating a chest piece for his god.

The artists are giving the vacuum form machine a big workout on this challenge.

Kevon is having trouble getting the face to fit on his model.

Walter noted that his paint job will be the most intricate job he has ever done.

The last time Damien painted a yellow alien, Ve hated it; this time he hopes that she will love it.

Mel’s former fishy face now resembles what she calls a plucked chicken. Going into last looks, Mel is about to panic trying to get the face painting redone.

After the reveal and closer looks form judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page; McKenzie Westmore reveals the winners of each battle…

Derek and Matt – Matt wins
Damien and Graham – Damien wins
Kevon and Jordan – Jordan wins
Mel and Yvonne – Mel wins
Kelly and Walter – Walter wins

In the judge’s remarks –
Kelly’s character didn’t feel like it fit the challenge to Glenn and Ve didn’t see any of the qualities of her god. Neville noted that the character felt more Greco-Roman than Aztec.

This time around Ve loved Damien’s paint job; calling it spectacular and phenomenal. Saying that it was so well done, Neville said that the sculpture was complex and interesting. Glenn noted that there were interesting notions that he had never seen before; adding that it looked more like a team challenge than a single artist creation. Neville said that it was so delightful to see that kind of form development; adding that the character looked like it could have inspired the god.

Neville felt that Graham’s creation was masky with no organic transitions. Glenn said that the character was more like a man than an alien. While Ve didn’t think the paint job have the character any definition, she did love the colour palette.

Glenn loved Matt’s sculpture and how he put the shapes in the sculpt instead of on it. Ve loved the colour scheme and Neville called the whole character striking.

Glenn named Damien as the overall winner of the challenge Next week he will get a little extra help from an award winning industry expert.