On week three of “World of Dance” the qualifying rounds continue with more dancers showing off their moves.

Getting the night of dance started off are a group of B-Boys from The Netherlands who call themselves The Ruggeds. Ne-Yo loved the huge trick in the beginning of the routine but had an issue with the transitions. Jennifer like their ideas; adding that the tricks and difficulty were there. Agreeing with his fellow judges, Derek added that the group needed finesse. Getting a score of 83.3 the group will move on to the next round. Ne-Yo tod them that they see the potential in the group but it is up to them.

After failing to make the cut lastseason, Alberta natives Josh and Taylor joined together to dance as a duo and brought the judges to their feet. Noting that they have their own thing Jennifer said that they made her feel. Ne-Yo said that there were a lot of moments in the routine to love; adding that they made the song mean something. Saying that they did a great job Derek noted that he couldn’t wait to see what else they would come up with. The duo scored 93,3 points for their dance.

The Korean dance drew of Lock and Lol impressed the judges with their on stage costume changes.Jennifer called the dance pure entertianment. After asking for the number of their tailor – he loved the jackets – Ne-Yo thought that they did a great job but lost a little energy as the dance went along. Derek loved the hat tricks; noting that they made it look easy. Despite getting a 79 from Jennifer, the crew scored 81 points for a chance to perform in the next round. Ne-Yo told them that it would only get harder from here.

In his native Australia, Michael Dameski won “So You Think You Can Dance”. He brought the judges to their fee with his Contemporary routine. Derek noted that you could see Michael’s passion; adding the routine was unbelievable and exactly what they were looking for. Calling the routine gorgeous and really beautiful, Jennifer said that it also felt dangerous with a sense of keeping you on the edge of your seat. Noting that Michael exploded from the beginning, Ne-Yo called the routine amazing. Michael scored 92.7 points for his dance.

The LD Dance Company from Houston performed a Samba that had Derek wondering whether it was enough to get them to the next round. Noting that the dance had so much energy and was entertaining, Jennifer questioned the artistry and creativity. Ne-Yo went up on the stage to shake a move with them. With a scored of 74.3 points, the dance company failed to earn enoug points to move on to the next round.

The junior team group the Rascals from Hawaii earned some high praise from Derek who noted that their personality was off the charts and had great executions in their moves. Calling the group adorable, Jennifer said that their was so much to love about what they did; adding that they needed better control and polish. Ne-Yo said that the group did a great job and he loved the energy. The group scored 84.7 points for their dance.

The final dance of the night was from the trio who call themselves Elektro Botz. Jennifer said that they smashed it and were so narrative in their moves. Ne-Yo called the routine amazing; adding that they had personality. Calling it a really strong performance, Derek thought that they were very clean and together. The trio scored 89 points for their dance.