The Battle Royale continues on “Face Off” season 13…and this week their will be an elimination.

In last week’s premiere, host McKenie Westmore revealed that this season the artists will be competing head to head but those battles will require an even number of artists. As a result, there will not be an elimination each week, but a double elimination every two weeks.

This week when the artists walk into the workroom, they find McKenzie standing in a space that looks like a little girl’s room.

McKenzie challenges the artists to take an object from under the bed that represents an ordinary occupation and use it to create a fun light-hearted monster that would do that job in the monster world.

But like all “Face Off” challenges, there’s a twist…McKenzie tells the artists that even a good monster must be able to scare someone on demand. The artists must also incorporate a physical gag within their makeup that wil transform the monster from a light-hearted one to a frightening one.

For winning the challenge last week, Kelly gets a little extra help from an industry expert. Two time Emmy Award winning monster maker Jamie Kelman comes to the “Face Off” workroom to give Kelly a hand for a few hours.

In the head to head pairings this week…
Kelly and Kevon got the diner waitress
Graham and Damian got the judge
Jo and Derek got the firefighter
Sasha and Yvonne got the hairdresser
Walter and Mel got the police officer
Jordan and Matt got the dentist

Sasha is having some trouble coming up with a concept and a character. Drawing a blank, Sasha searches in the reference books for some inspiration and comes up with an idea.

Award winning makeup artist Michael Westmore visits the workroom to offer some advice and tips for the artists.

Walter is a bit worried about his character and whether or not he can get everything worked out in time.

Matt is worried about whether he can get his gag to work.

Jo is having some trouble getting her gag to work.

It’s application day and many of the artists are stressed about getting their models ready and getting the gags to work. With only one hour remaining, last looks is nerve wracking for the artists.

Jo is not happy with her character and doesn’t feel that she has answered the challenge.

After the reveal and closer looks, McKenzie names the winners of the battles…
Jordan wins over Matt
Kevon wins over Kelly
Derek wins over Jo
Damian wins over Graham
Yvonne wins over Sasha
Walter wins over Mel

Before determining the overall winner and who goes home, the judges speak with a few of the artists…
The judges said that Walter’s character was exactly what they were looking for; adding he had some gorgeous paints and a stunning reveal. The judges called the character a brilliant and competant design.

The judge’s said that Jo’s character didn’t work this week and the reveal didn’t look scary. Saying that it was a bad idea from the beginning, Jo found herself one of the bottom looks again this week.

Jordan has some beautiful shapes and painting in his character but his gag didn’t answer the challenge. Calling the creation over the top, the judge’s liked that Jordan did his own thing.

Sasha character didn’t convey insect or alien as she had planned, her gag was uninspired and not well integrated, and Glenn worried about the technical aspects of Sasha’s work.

Saying that the character’s skin felt like yarn art, the judges noted that Mel’s character looked the same before and after her scary reveal. Mel also found herself in the bottom looks for the second week.

Head judge Glenn Hetrick named Walter as the overall winner this week; but for Jo and Sasha it was time to go home.

Next week the remaining artists will face ancient cultures.