The auditions continue on “So You Think You Can Dance” with more auditions from Los Angeles.

Twitch is also back to join judges Vanessa Hudgens, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe.

First up was Tessa Dalke performing a Contemporary routine. Nigel said that she was one of those people who were good at everything; adding that her routine was quite brilliant and stunning with amazing control. Calling the routine graceful and beautiful, Vanessa said that Tessa was very strong. Twitch called Tessa super talented and awesome. Saying that Tessa just had it, Mary called Tessa extraordinary. Tessa got her ticket to the Academy.

Last season Jazz dancer Jay Jay Dixonbey made it to the Academy before getting cut; this season he has returned to take it even further. Since being cut from the show, Jay Jay has been a part of Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound. Calling Jay Jay so powerful, Mary noted that he can spin like a top. Nigel gave Jay Jay an A for Attitude. Vanessa called Jay Jay beautiful and so good, Twitch said that he did a great job. Jay Jay has earned himself another ticket to the Academy.

Best friends Nathan Hughes and Courtland Davis dance to inspire others. Saying that he didn’t see anything he hasn’t seen before, Nigel encouraged the guys to work on some signature moves. Noting that they had amazing chemistry, Vanessa said that she didn’t see anything memorable. Twitch said that they were super fun to watch but noted there was no solo moment from Courtand. Mary called them super entertainers. The duo survived and got their tickets to the Academy with three yeses.

After Hannahlei Caranila’s Contemporary routine, the judges simply stood holding tickets for the Academy.

After some clips of yes dances, Hip-Hop dancer CJ Butler took the stage. Dancing his way, CJ uses the medium as an outlet to express his feelings. Three years ago CJ witnessed his step-father murder his mom. Twitch commended CJ for his bravery and channeling the negative things; but noted he could see the energy and passion. Mary simply told CJ that it wasn’t his fault. Nigel noted that while it is good to let everything out, he felt the dance was a little uncontrolled. Saying that she could tell he had the sweetest heart, Vanessa said that CJ just needed some polish. CJ got nos from the judges but received some words of encouragement and reminders that the events that occurred were not his fault.

After a series of no clips, Animator Dustin Payne returns after getting cut in the Ballroom round at the Academy last season. Twitch said that he did a great job; adding that he was a good example of what a Hip-Hop dancer should do. Mary called him mesmerizing. Nigel said that he loved Dustin last year and again this year; adding that he hopes Dustin has been working on his Ballroom. Vanessa called the routine clean. Dustin will once again he heading for the Academy.

For the final audition of the night Nicole Clonch brought SYTYCD season two winner Benji Schwimmer to help her out with her audition. The duo have been West Coast Swing dance partners for over three years. Vanessa said that the routine was on fire with some insane tricks. Twitch noted that it was something to be on the stage with Benji and for them to be watching Nicole. Nigel called the routine stunning and the best he has ever seen. Mary called Nicole a standout. Nicole got her ticket to the Academy.

Next week it’s on to New York City for more auditions.