This year when the special effects makeup artists gather for the final season of “Face Off”, it will be a Battle Royale as they compete in various challenges on the way to winning the $100,000 prize.

This season the contestants have been here before and are ready to battle it out once again I an All Star season with Kevon, Mel. Derek, Yvonne, Matt, Jo, Graham, Kelly, Walter, Damien, Sasha, and Jordan.

Season 13 of “Face Off” is set to explore all the superstitions, mysteries, and supernatural elements of the number 13.

An All Star season, the artists will battling head to head with a double elimination every two weeks.

For the first challenge of the season, follows the work of Guillermo del Toro.

Choose a classic fairy tale character and rearrange their human form to create a terrifying creation worthy of a del Torro film.

To determine their fairy tale characters the artists must choose a mask; but the mask will also reveal the name of the head to head challenger.

Yvonne chose Tinkerbell
Sasha chose The Littler Mermaid
Mel chose the Gingerbread Man
Derek chose Captain Hook
Damien chose Mr. Toad
Jordan chose The Gingerbread Man
Jo chose Mr. Toad
Kelly chose Humpty Dumpty
Matt chose Tinkerbell
Graham chose The Little Mermaid
Kevon chose Captain Hook
Walter chose Humpty Dumpty

The head to head battles this week are:
Yvonne vs Matt
Mel vs Jordan
Graham vs Sasha
Damien vs Jo
Walter vs Kelly
Derek vs Kevon

Award winning special effects makeup artist Michael Westmore returns as the mentor for the artists and visits the workroom to offer some tips and advice on their characters.

Kelly’s mold locks and can’t get her mold open. With time running out, she finally gets it open and has only 13 minutes to get the mold cleaned out. She gets help from many of her competitors and gets the mold cleaned just in the nick of time.

Jo has created her cowl out of foam latex and her face piece out of silicone.

Kelly got the mold cleaned out but there was still a bit of clay in the mold, causing some jagged edges in the sculpt.

Matt is creating a full body paint.

Sasha is having some issues with her paint scheme.

Heading into last looks, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Kevon goes to dress his mode and discovers that he left the pants in the workroom; fortunately for him a fellow competitor has something he can use.

Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page return as the series judges.

Host McKenzie Westmore announces that they have a surprise for the artists…actor Doug Jones returns to join the judges.

After the reveal, the judges take a closer look at the characters and named the winner of each head to head battle…
Matt beat Yvonne
Damien beat Jo
Graham beat Sasha
Kelly beat Walter
Derek beat Kevon
Jordan beat Mel

Before making their final decisions, the judges spoke with a few of the artists –

Glenn said that Matt knocked it out of the park with his original thinking; adding that the character was an homage without being a rip-off. Ve said that Matt did a beautiful job and Doug thought Matt had a beautiful blend in his work.

Doug was confused on first looking at Kevon’s work. Neville called it a cacophony of ideas. The judges felt that Kevon had too much stuff for just one character.

Neville said that Kelly had a lot of really beautiful things about her Humpty Dumpty character; adding that she had some beautiful ideas. Saying that Kelly hit the assignment right on, Doug noted that there was so much going on and the character was beautiful and eerie at the same time. Calling the character unique, Glenn liked it from the front and the profile. The judges felt that Kelly’s Humpty Dumpty told a story and was camera ready for a movie.

Ve didn’t feel that Yvonne had created a del Torro character; adding that the concept felt bizarre and the charcter wooden. Glenn said that the character felt sketched in.

With the new format where an artist is not being eliminated every week, McKenzie announced that the overall winner of the challenges on non-elimination weeks will receive a big gift – aid from an industry expert on their next challenge.

Saying that the artist performed on every level and did some terrific work, Glennn named Kelly as the winner. Failing to win any challenges during her first season, Kelly got her first “Face Off” win.

Next week…monsters under the bed.