World of Dance” returns for a second week with new dance routines as performers give it their all for a chance to move on to the next round.

Dancers must score at least 80 points in order to move on to the Duel Round.

First on the dance floor is The Lab who return after not making it last season. The group is comprised of 15 kids from broken homes or other difficult home conditions. In a performance that brought the judges to their feet, Jennifer called the troupe a force to be reckoned with. Derek called the performance incredible, laser sharp, well put together, enjoyabe, and a perfect recipe for greatness. Ne-Yo noted that the group danced like one person; adding that they were very tight. Ne-Yo said that it was teams like The Lab is what “World of Dance” was about. The Lab scored 94 points for their dance.

Married couple Pasha and Daneilla performed a non-traditional Ballroom dance. Noting that there were a couple of hot moments in the dance, Jennifer said that her eyes were glued to the couple; adding that it was a dramatic and sexy routine. While he liked what he saw, Ne-Yo was not wowed by the performance; adding that the routine was not as competitive as he would have liked. Derek noted that Daniella had an incredible quality of movement. The coupe scored 86.3 points for their dance. After giving them a score of 78, Ne-Yo said two of them believed in the couple but next time, make him believe it.

Using dance to escape the drugs and violence, the Hip-Hop group Connection from Chihuahua, Mexico brought the judges to their feet. Saying that they did a great job, Jennifer noted that the routine was clean, dynamic and has suave movements. Derek noted that they had the ability to build anticipation. Ne-Yo noted that that was how you competed for $1 million; adding that they were super clean and together. Connection scored 90.7 points for their dance.

Seventeen year old Contemporary dancers Charity and Andres used stuffed animals to help them prepare for dancing before judges, but the animals could not help them prepare for the standing ovation they received at the end of the dance. While the duo are not a couple, they made Ne-Yo believe that they were a couple. Ne-Yo said that the dance was what a $1 million dance looked like. Jennifer noted that the couple were extensions of each other and the routine was so beautiful. Charity and Andrews scored 95.3 points for their dance.

Street dancers Bdash and Konkrete choreographed a Krumping routine that included some hat work and had the house screaming. Saying that the dance had a nasty Krump quality but was so smooth with incredible hat work. Wanting to know how you can choreograph a Krump routine, Ne-Yo noted that the dance was very clean and synchronized; adding that they had turned it into something everybody can get into. Noting that their dedication showed, Derek said that he would remember the routine. The duo scored 94.3 points for their routine.

In the final performance of the night the girls of Fabluous Sisters noted that due to the radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant, they could not go outside to play and found refuge and safety in the dance studio. Saying that he felt like he was in an opera house, Derek said that he would pay to see a whole show. Ne-Yo noted that the dance had texture and levels with every move meaning something. Calling it a special routine, Jennifer said that the routine had precision, was beautiful, riveting, and she couldn’t take her eyes off of them. The group scored 94.7 points for their dance.