The auditions have been completed, Hollywood Week is over, and the top 14 have been chosen…and now it is up to America to decide who will be the next “American Idol”!

All 14 singers will be performing tonight, but only six of them will survive the fan vote. On Monday night the remaining eight singers will battle it out for the final four spots in the top 10 which will be chosen by the judges.

There is no musical theme for tonight’s performances, the singers can perform any song they want.

First up is Caleb Lee Hutchinson playing the banjo as he performs “Midnight Train to Memphis”. Katy noted that it felt like Caleb thinks he can’t believe he is here; adding that it seemed like his nerves got the best of him. Luke noted that Caleb has grown a great deal; adding that Caleb did a great job even though he wasn’t cray about the song choice. Lionel noted that when the girls started singing, Caleb forgot about the song. This was Caleb’s first on stage performance with the banjo.

Michelle Sussett sang “Friends”. Luke said that she became a pop star tonight; adding that is what they need. Lionel agreed with Luke; adding that she owned it. Katy said that it felt like early Shakira; reminding her that she needs to play more to the voters than the audience.

Marcio Donaldson chose the Barry Manilow hit “It’s a Miracle”. On his feet, Lionel called it an old school performance; adding that Marcio’s confidence is about to get out of control and he is on fire. Katy said that it was really good and joyful; adding that Marcio is an inspiration. Luke wasn’t sold on the song but added it was a good job showing them another side. Marcio told Ryan Seacrest that he wanted to show entertainment.

Speaking on the nerves, Lionel said that he remembers all the times that the audience didn’t come to rehearsals; adding that whatever happens on stage, pretend that you meant to do it.

The youngest contestant in the competition, Mara Justine sang “This is Me” from the film “The Greatest Showman”. Katy said that Mara has come a long way toward owning the stage. Luke noted that Mara took them on a variety of rides; adding he wasn’t totally sold on that performance. Lionel noted that he knows what Mara has been through.

Garrett Jacobs took on “American Idol” champion Phillip Phillips with “Raging Fire”. Luke called it a very dynamic performance; adding that Garrett took them on a ride. He noted that Garrett is the first performer of the night who really looked comfortable on the stage. Lionel told Garrett to remember just stay in character. Katy said that she believed that Garrett was comfortable on stage; adding that he did great.

Ada Vox performed the Queen song “The Show Must Go On”. Standing Lionel said that Ada has no idea how fabulous she is; adding that she came to stop the show. Lionel noted that Ada takes them to a different level each time she performs and he is there to make sure she gets to the top; adding that she is on fire. Katy said that Ada started the show; adding that it was exciting to see her spreading her wings. Luke said it was the biggest voice he has ever heard. When Ryan asked Ada about her focus, Ada said that she loves what she does.

Next up was Catie Turner with Hozier’s “Take Me to Church”. Katy said that whatever happens, she would like to sing with Catie. Luke noted that Catie can win this thing. Lionel agreed with him; adding that there is no one like Catie.

Rocker Cade Foehner took on Carlos Santana with “Black Magic Woman”. Saying that his wife loves Cade, Luke noted that the performance showed so much about who Cade is. Lionel said that they call that the package – the talent from singing, the playing…and the swivel hips. Katy said that her mom is obsessed with Cade and wants a lock of hair for her mom…and got it. A fan from Fresno sent a bouquet of Kale to Cade.

Dennis Lorenzo sang the Shawn Mendes song “In My Blood”. Lionel congratulated Dennis for taking the next step. Katy said that it felt a little shaky at first; adding that Dennis showed him another side tonight. Luke noted that Dennis has shown so many sides of himself; adding that it was amazing.

Maddie Poppe chose the Simon and Garfunkel song “Homeward Bound”. Katy said that she closed her eyes and thought that she was listening to Joni Mitchell; adding that a lot of people can sing but not everybody has taste. Luke called Maddie seasoned in her vocal choices. Lionel said that Maddie presents herself with every song.

Jurnee chose “Bang Bang” for her performance. Luke thanked her for showing another side of herself; adding tht she brought it. Lionel kept saying oh yeah; adding that she brought it. Katy noted that they had never seen Jurnee move; adding that she is an artist now.

Jonnie Brenns took Katy’s advice and took some ballet. He chose Panic! at the Disco’s “This is Gospel” for his performance. Lionel said that he loves to watch Jonnie perform; noting that Jonnie enjoys himself on stage. Katy said that real men can wear tights and thanked him for taking her advice. Katy agreed that the performance was fun; adding she wants to hear more. Luke noted that Jonnie came in a lounge singer but is now attacking the big notes; adding that he comes out and goes after it.

Michael J. Woodard has been keeping the judge’s guessing all season long; tonight he performed the Sia song “Titanium”. Katy said that she is going to see Sia and will tell her that she met a star who did an incredible job on her song. Luke said that he felt ii in his heart that people love him; adding Michael pulls them in every time he sings. Lionel said that Michael is giving them another level and he keeps tuning in to see what Michael will do next. Michael thanked the judges for encouraging him to be himself.

The final performance of the night is Gabby Barrett chose “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus for her performance. Luke called it his favourite vocal of the night; adding that for the first time Gabby is not playing around anymore. Katy said that Gabby went through the “starwash”; adding she rode the song so well and is impressed. Lionel noted that there are things in the music business that just happen.

On Monday’s results the top 10 are revealed.