On Sunday night the first 12 of the top 24 performed before a live audience on “American Idol”. Tonight they will perform duets with chart topping award winning artists…and five will go home.

First up is Catie Turner and Andy Grammer for “Good to be Alive”. Katy Perry called Catie Turner a natural and amazing. Lionel said that Catie must be several people because she is doing things she shouldn’t know how to do. Luke called her an anomaly and amazing.

Resident rocker Cade Foehner joined up with Bishop Briggs for the INXS song “Never Tear Us Apart”. Lionel said to put the tickets on sale. Luke asked if Cade wanted to come on tour; adding to just keep doing his deal. Katy said that it was apparent he had something special.

Layla Spring and Sugarland performed “Stuck Like Glue”. Jennifer Nettles said that Layla has so much energy. Luke said that Layla just fit in with Sugarland; adding that they are watching someone who is going to be performing for a long time. Katy said that Layla is springing full of joy; adding that she has talent and personality. Lionel called Layla the bravest person he knows because he also sang with Jennifer; adding that she sang like she had been doing it forever.

Dominique paired up with Aloe Blacc for a performance of “Wake Me Up”. Aloe Blacc called Domique an “American Idol”. Katy said that she didn’t know how to critique anymore. Lionel called the performance smooth; adding that Domique is at the spot where he might become famous. Luke called Dominique a world class singer.

Brandon Diaz and Luis Fonsi for a performance of “Despasito”. Luis said that Brandon nailed it. Lionel was very surprised; adding that Brandon was toe to toe with Luis. Luke said it was a great song choice and Brandon did a great job. Katy noted that Brandon was a very diverse performer.

Kay Kay and Pat Monahan of Train paired up for “Drive By”. This was Kay Kay’s first duet ever. Luke said that Kay Kay did a great job and fun energy. Katy thought the blend was amazing. Lionel commended Kay Kay on her first duet; adding that she took care of business.

Bishop Briggs returns to pair up with Trevor McBane for a performance of “River”. Katy said that it was amazing to see Trevor come out of his shell. Lionel called it the real deal; adding that Trevor went toe to toe with Bishop. Luke said that they loved Trevor’s vibe.

Luis Fonsi returns to sing “I Can’t Make You Love Me” with Michelle Sussett. Lionel said that they had chemistry and their voices blended perfectly. Luke didn’t want it to end. Katy said Michelle made her a believer; adding that she can be whatever she wants.

Andy Grammer returns to perform “Back Home” with Jonny Brenns. Luke said that Jonny did a great job; adding he is learning it like he should. Lionel noted that Jonny was having some fun on stage; adding that’s what performing is all about. Katy suggested that Jonny take some ballet or movement classes; telling him to do anything he can to be the best he can be.

Dennis Lorenzo joins up with Allen Stone for “Unaware”. Katy kept saying wow; adding that it was so special. Lionel noted to find that kind of chemistry tells you where you are; adding that it was spectacular. Luke said Dennis is like the little engine that could and keeps showing them what he can do; adding the performance felt so natural.

Pat Monahan returns to perform “Angel in Blue Jeans” with Michael J Woodard. Lionel noted that Michael is rising to the occasion. Luke said that he cannot take his eyes off of Michael on stage; telling him to keep it up. Katy called Michael a beautiful chameleon.

In the final performance of the evening, Sugarland returns to perform “Stay” with Gabby Barrett. Luke said that Gabby nailed it top to bottom. Katy noted that Gabby has come so far. Lionel againg noted that he has sung with Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland and said that Gabby nailed it.

And now for the the results…
Cade Foehner is the first person to move on to the next round.
Michelle Sussett is also moving on to the next round.
Dennis Lorenzo will also be moving on to the next round.
Gabby Barrett is moving on to the next round.
Jonny Brenns is moving on to the next round.
Michael J Woodard is also moving on to the next round.

And only one more spot remains…

The final person moving on to the next round is Catie Turner.

Trevor McBane, Kay Kay, Domique, Layla Spring, and Brandon Diaz have all been eliminated. Luke tells the eliminated artists that they can control what they do from now on.