On the final night of the Knockout Rounds on “the Voice” only Kelly has not used her save but only Alicia has used her steal. Alicia and Blake each have four artists on their team, Adam has three artists, and Kelly only has two artists on her team.

First up is team Alicia with her two youngest artists, Britton Buchanan and Dallas Caroline. Britton chose the Billy Joel song “New York State of Mind” and Dallas chose “Bless the Broken Road” for their performances. Adam said that they broke his heart; adding that saw progress in them both. Blake liked both singers but said that he liked Dallas. Kelly referred Britton to the Rat Pack; adding that Dallas was a bit Dolly like. Saying that she was proud of both singers, Alicia chose Britton as the winner of the battle.

Kelly paired D.R. King and Tish Haynes Keys for a battle. D.R. chose “(I Know) I’m Losing You” and Tish chose “Lady Marmalade” for their performances. A speechless Alicia said that D.R. took the song to a whole new level, and Tish had sass. Adam said that Tish messed it up for everybody; adding that both are beyond phenomenal. Blake called it world class talent. Kelly said that both singers killed it equally; adding that the winner was D.R. King. Kelly pushed to save Tish and Adam pushed to steal Tish back for his team. Tish decided to stay with Kelly.

Blake paired Dylan Hartigan and Wilkes together for a battle. Wilkes chose the Miley Cyrus song “The Climb” and Dylan chose “You Are the Best Thing” for their performances. An excited Kelly said that Wilkes was awesome; adding that she loved Dylan. Alicia called Dylan super dynamic and with Wilkes the music takes him over. Adam said that both guys were ridiculous. Blake noted that both guys did everything that they could do. Blake chose Wilkes as the winner of the battle. As Dylan was walking off the stage Kelly pushed to steal him back.

Adam paired Gary Edwards and Rayshun LaMarr for a battle noting that the guys are similar. Gary chose “Many Rivers to Cross” by Jimmy Cliff and Rayshun chose Alicia Keys song “Fallin’” for their performances and brought Adam and Alicia to their feet. Kelly said that Rayshun was full of it and Blake agreed. Alicia said that Gary did a beautiful job. She wondered if Rayshun could hit the notes…and he did. Adam was glad that Rayshun went for it; adding that it was like a transformation for Gary. Adam chose Rayshun as the winner of the battle. As host Carson Daly was thanking Gary, Blake pushed his button to steal Gary. Blake’s team is now full and ready for the live playoff rounds.

For her final pairing, Kelly put Alexa Cappelli and Jorge Eduardo together for a battle. Alexa chose the Elton John song “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and Jorge chose the Miguel song “Adorn”. Alicia noted that Jorge gave it all his energy; adding that Alexa continues to surprise. Adam said that it was a good song choice for Jorge; adding that Alexa has the potential to be a great singer. Blake called Alexa one of the best singers in the competition but it undeniable to hear the reaction of the audience when Jorge sang. Kelly noted that Alexa chose a song with a crazy hard melody; adding that she loves Jorge. Saying that the winner keeps shocking her, Kelly chose Alexa as the winner of the battle.

In a clip Adam chose Reid Umstatd as the winner of the battle.

For the final pairing Alicia put Kelsea Johnson and Sharane Callister for a battle. Kelsea chose “Rise Up” by Andra Day and Sharane chose the Etta James song “All I Could Do Was Cry”. Adam said that Sharane was so connected to what she was singing; adding that there were two amazing up there. Kelly said that Kelsey nailed it and Sharane is one of the most emotional singers on the show. Blake said WTF to Sharane over her pipes and liked how Kelsea’s voice broke up. Alicia noted that Sharane felt there was power in her stillness and always rose to the occasion; adding that Kelsea had been in her head but was breaking through. Alicia chose Kelsea as the winner of the battle. Adam pushed his button to steal Sharane.

Team Blake:
Kyla Jade
Spensha Baker
Austin Giorgio – save
Pryor Baird
Gary Edwards

Team Kelly:
Kaleb Lee
Brynn Cartelli
D. R. King
Tish Haynes Keys – save
Dylan Hartigan
Alexa Cappelli

Team Adam:
Mia Boostrom
Jackie Verna
Drew Cole – save
Rayshun LaMarr
Reid Umstatd
Sharane Callister

Team Alicia:
Jackie Foster – steal
Johnny Bliss
Terrance Cunningham
Christiana Danielle – save
Britton Buchanan
Kelsea Johnson