On night two of the Knockout rounds Adam and Blake have already used the one save; Alicia has used her steal when all of the coaches pushed their buttons.

Up first is Team Kelly with Brynn Cartelli and Jamella for a battle. Kelly has brought in season three winner Casadee Pope to help mentor the artists. Brynn chose the Rascal Flatts song “Here Comes Goodbye”. Jamella sang “Girl Crush”. Alicia said that Jamella has a style about her and Brynn continues to impress; adding that both did a beautiful job. Adam said that both girls are awesome. Blake noted that the girls made interesting song choices. Coach Kelly said that Jamella keeps bringing her A game and she was excited by Brynn’s song choice. Kelly chose Brynn as the winner of the battle.

Blake paired up Jaron Strom and Pryor Baird for a battle. Blake brought back last season’s winner Chloe Kohanski as a mentor. Jaron chose Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” for his performance. Pryor chose to sing the Billy Preston song “Will it Go Round in Circles”. Kelly loved Pryor’s tone; adding that she dug Jaron as well. Alicia liked the energy of both guys. Adam called them bot talented. Blake noted that Jaron liked to move around on the stage and Pryor did a better job of reigning it in. Saying that he hated this part of his job, Blake chose Pryor as the winner of the battle.

In the final battle of the night Alicia paired Christiana Danielle and Terrence Cunningham for a battle. Christiana chose “Elastic Heart” for her performance and Terrence sang “Tell Me Something Good” while playing the keyboard. Adam said that Christiana was fantastic; adding that he couldn’t believe Terrance’s high notes. Kelly said that both singers were equally talented. Alicia called Christiana so special. Alicia noted that Terrance sang in the original Chaka Khan key. Calling them both magnificent, Alicia chose Terrance as the winner of the battle. Alicia pushed to save Christiana but Kelly also pushed her button to steal. While Kelly was throwing her pitch to steal Christiana, Adam pushed his button to also steal Christiana. Christiana chose to stay with Alicia. Alicia has not more saves or steals remaining.

Team Blake:
Kyla Jade
Spensha Baker
Austin Giorgio – save
Pryor Baird

Team Kelly:
Kaleb Lee
Brynn Cartelli

Team Adam:
Mia Boostrom
Jackie Verna
Drew Cole – save

Team Alicia:
Jackie Foster – steal
Johnny Bliss
Terrance Cunningham
Christiana Danielle – save