The auditions are over and now it’s time for the 169 singers who got their golden tickets to arrive in Hollywood for the toughest week of the season as the judges work to pare it down to only 24 singers.

This is the first time that the singers get to hear each other sing.

Round one is a solo performance round. There is no piano or band on the stage, the only instruments are the ones that the singers bring onstage themselves.

After the first 10 singers perform, the judges make the first decisions of Hollywood week.

During his audition David Francisco walked out using crutches – he had been paralyzed from the waist down after being hit by a car while on his bicycle – and sat down for his audition. This time David walked out with the crutches and threw them away. He sang standing up. Unfortunately David did not make it through the solo round and is going home.

Round two is the dreaded group round where the singers must learn to work together as they prepare for a performance overnight. The group round is more than just singing, the group must entertain the judges.

As happens every season during group round there were singers who were wholly unprepared and did not know the words to their song.

Single Dad Marcio survived the group round and is moving on to the next round.

Some of the singers are having vocal issues.

Milo’s mom has become the show mom and has to put herself into the group’s decisions. At the last minute, Mile tries to convince his group to make changes in the song. Even as they are walking on the stage, there is some issue with the song’s arrangement. The changes paid off and the whole group was moved on to the next round.

Drag queen Ada Vox did some beat boxing in her group and is moving on to the next round along with the rest of her group.

Laine is in a group with girls who are also major Justin Bieber fans…and he isn’t. The girls chose the Justin Bieber song “Love Yourself”. Despite his discomfort with the song, Laine made it through to the next round.

Karaoke singer Crystal felt way out of her league when she was paired with a group of more experienced singers. Katy called it a really good performance but added that they only had a spot for three more singers and asked for a volunteer to go home. After Crystal said that she would do it, Katy told them that all four girls will be moving on.

Next week, Hollywood week continues with the solo round…and the top 24 will be revealed.