As week two of the Battle Rounds begin on “The Voice” in the first of a three night event, Adam has used both of his steals, Alicia and Adam have four members on their team, Kelly has five artists on her team, and Blake has only three members on his team. Alicia has yet to use one of her steals.

Getting the night of battles started is team Blake with Kaleb Lee and Pryor Baird singing the Tom Petty song “Don’t Do Me Like That”. Kelly said that it was real good; adding that they both have cool tones and are evenly matched. Kelly said that Pryor could tour right now. Alicia said that they both owned it and had vibrant energy. Coach Blake noted that both guys had put music on the back burner for a while, but came out sounding like they played in a bar every night. Saying that this was without question the worst part of the job, Blake named Pryor Baird as the winner of the battle. Kelly used her last steal on Kaleb Lee.

Next up Adam paired Mia Boostrom and Genesis Diaz for a battle of Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You”. Lake said that both girls are great singers; noting how difficult the song is to perform. Alicia thought that the song fit Genesis better. Kelly loved hearing the girls sing the song; adding that she wrote the song when she was 16. Kelly thought the song better suited Mia. Coach Adam loved how almost out of control Genesis was; adding that it was like a stalemate. Adam chose Mia Boostrom as the winner of the battle.

Kelly paired Justin Kilgore and Molly Stevens in a battle of “Burning Houses”. Kelly was not aware that both of the singers were gay and was surprised when they told her. Alicia said that there was a real tenderness between them. Adam said that the emotions and feelings were real; adding that he loved the two made a connection. Noting that he turned his chair for both of them, Blake noted that the song fit Justin’s voice better but loved the sound of Molly’s voice. Coach Kelly noted that both voices are different but both are very emotional. Saying that it is the hardest show ever, Kelly chose Justin as the winner of the battle.

Next up for Adam Miya Bass and Drew Cole for a battle of Bob Dylan’s hit “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”. Adam told the duo not to sing the Dylan version of the song but to give it something more…like the Guns ‘N’n Roses version and brought the coaches to their feet. Blake said that it was a Grammyish type performance. Blake said that both singers were incredible. Alicia said that it was beautiful to see the two different interpretations. Adam said that the two of them encapsulate what he loves about music; adding that it was in their wheelhouse. Adam called the performance a special moment; adding they both did an eleven out of 10. Adam chose Drew as the winner of the battle. Alicia uses her first steal for Miya.

Blake paired Jordan Kirkdorffer and Wilkes with the Chris Stapleton song “Nobody to Blame”. An excited Kelly loved the performance. Alicia called the performance electric and alive; adding both had their own lane. Adam admitted to being a fan of Wilkes but said that Jordan had a fantastic voice. Blake said that both guys did a great job and brought the energy and delivered. Saying that he loved both of the guys, Blake chose Wilkes as the winner of the battle.

In the final battle of the night, Alicia paired Britton Buchanan and Jaclyn Lovey for a battle of “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. Adam called it a great performance. Blake said that their singing and stage presence are timeless. Alicia said that she was very proud of both singers. Alicia named Britton Buchanan as the winner of the battle.

As Jaclyn was about to leave the stage, Blake pushed his button to steal her for his final steal.

On Tuesday the battle rounds will conclude.

Team Alicia:
Sharane Calister
Christiana Danielle
Jonny Bliss
Kelsea Johnson
Miya Bass – steal
Britton Buchanan

Team Kelly:
Brynn Cartelli
Tish Haynes Keys – steal
D.R. King
Kaleb Lee – steal
Justin Kilgore

Team Blake:
Dylan Hartigan – steal
Kyla Jade
Jaron Strom
Pryor Baird
Jaclyn Lovey – steal

Team Adam:
Rayshun LaMar
Jackie Foster – steal
Reid Umstattd
Jordyn Simone – steal
Mia Boostrom
Drew Cole