In night two of the rebooted “American Idol”, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie travel around America looking for not just the best singing talent in the country, but the best Pop, Country, and R&B performers in the country.

Starting the night in New York City, 15 year old Mara Justine brought the judges to their feet with her audition. Katy said that they didn’t need to critique…just vote and Mara got her ticket to Hollywood.

In a clip, Andrew Weaver, Griffin Taylor, and Christiana Jones all impressed the judges and earned their tickets to Hollywood.

William Casanova chose “A Song for You” for his audition. Lionel called William smooth; adding overall he had no complaints. Luke said William is what he signed up for and is fired up. Katy said that William has a great voice. William got his ticket to Hollywood.

Back to Los Angeles with Venezuelan born Michelle Sussett who performed in Spanish and got to get the judges to dance with her and caused a wardrobe malfunction for Katy. The judges called her a welcome sight and fearless. Michelle got her ticket to Hollywood but Katy was concerned about how she would hold up against the other singers.

Back in New York with Ukrainian born Misha Gontar who sang in his native Ukrainian language. Luke called Misha the Busta Rhymes of the Ukraine. Lionel wasn’t sure where Misha fit into the “American Idol” scheme. While the judges agreed it was the most fun they have had all day, Misha didn’t get his ticket to Hollywood.

Berkley School of Music student Brandon Diaz comes from a musical family. The first generation Cuban American performed “Unaware” for his audition. Lionel was amazed at Brandon’s falsetto. Katy called him the best male singer they have seen so far; adding that he is top 10. Brandon got his ticket to Hollywood.

Construction worker Trevor has a crush on Katy Perry but his girlfriend has his heart. Trevor got his ticket to Hollywood.

On to New Orleans and Madi Gras World with Bayou born Laine Hardy who sang “Hurricane” for his audition. Luke said that if Laine wasn’t careful he would win “American Idol”. Lionel said Laine had fire in his vocals. Laine got his ticket to Hollywood. Katy said that Laine looked like a young Elvis.

Autumn Woods sang Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with Luke and Lionel adding the turn around lyrics. Luke said that he wasn’t feeling it. She got three nos from the judges. And Autumn was just the first of a series of no votes.

Gabbii Jones’ dad gave her 30 days to “be a star”. Her dad said that if she gets a ticket to Hollywood, he will renegotiate. Going down and giving her a hug, Lionel said that it was very good. Katy loved the performance. Luke called it an emotional performance. Gabbii will have to work on her negotiating skills, she got her ticket to Hollywood.

Cameron Theodos performed an original song. Cameron got a unanimous yes vote from the judges and is going to Hollywood.

Thaddeus Johnson makes a return to Idol over 150 pounds lighter after not making it on the live shows on season nine. Luke said Thaddeus did a great job. Thaddeus got his ticket to Hollywood.

Apache, Oklahoma native Rissa Watson took on Adele for her audition. Katy said that got full body chills; adding that Rissa is very talented. Lionel likes that she doesn’t have to think about what she is doing. Luke said that Rissa has a voice like an angel. Rissa got her ticket to Hollywood.

Garrett Jacobs chose “It’s a Man’s World” for his audition. Lionel said that Garrett’s voice had an incredible quality. Luke noted that it was going to be fun to watch Garrett grow. Garrett got his ticket to Hollywood. Katy said that Garrett was going to tear up Hollywood.

In the final audition of the night, David Francisco sang the Stevie Wonder song “Isn’t She Lovely” for his audition and brought Katy to tears. Lionel came down and gave him a hug calling David an inspiration. Luke said that David did a great job. Luke brought David his golden ticket and gave him a hug. David walks with crutches after being hit by a car while on his bicycle.

Idol returns next week for more auditions.