It’s the final week of Blind Auditions on season 14 of “The Voice”. Alicia, Kelly, and Blake all have nine artists on their teams, but Adam has only six artists on his team. And after Adam used his only block of the season las week on Kelly, Kelly is the only coach left with a block.

First up s Stephanie Skipper who had a band with her husband. After three words Kelly’s mouth had dropped…Stephanie was singing her song “Piece by Piece”. Near the end of the song, it was Adam who finally pushed his button, followed by Blake. An emotional Kelly said that it was cool that Stephanie chose the song. Stephanie thanked Kelly for writing the song. Adam said that one of his favourite things was that Stephanie brought his attention to the song. Alicia said that Stephanie’s voice had a quiver lilt to it. Blake applauded Stephanie for performing the song in front of Kelly. Saying that it was really hard and a tough decision, Stephanie chose Adam to be her coach.

Next up was Tish Hayes Keys who is the daughter of a pastor and a Gospel singer. She grew up singing in the church. She is looking to take her music to the next level and chose Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools” for her audition. Adam and Kelly pushed their buttons together. Kelly kept saying, “oh my god.” Tish was jumping up and down; Kelly went up and gave her a hug. Kelly called the performance insane; noting that no one sang like that except Aretha. Kelly said that Tish could come out on tour with her any time. Saying that Tish is phenomenal, Alicia said that she already had some soulful singers on her team and didn’t want to put Tish in that. Adam said that he turned around because it would be disrespectful to the art of singing not to push a button for that voice. Saying that she wanted to be different, Tish chose Adam to be her coach.

Apple store genius Bransen Ireland chose “Tulsa Time” for his audition and had Blake and Kelly singing along. Once Blake pushed his button, Adam joined him. Kelly noted that Bransen wouldn’t have a lot of competition on Adam’s team. But Blake noted that Bransen would have a lot of competition on his team but would come out better  Bransen chose Blake to be his coach

Sixteen year old Teana Ralston chose “Unfaithful” for her audition and impressed Kelly enough to push her button at the end of the song. Saying it was a hard song, Alicia called the performance beautiful. Adam noted that Teana is going to be one of the one’s to watch.

Mya Bass comes from a family of law enforcement officers and turned down a chance to be one of them to further her musical career. She chose “Issues” for her audition and got Adam to turn his chair. Alicia said that Mya did a beautiful job. Adam said that Mya did a great job and was amazing.

Kentucky native Livia Faith chose the Mamas and the Papas hit “Dream a Little Dream of Me” for her audition Kelly and Blake pushed their buttons together. Alicia joined them at the end of the song. Adam said that it was so cool and thanked Livia for the song. Kelly noted that Livia is different from anybody else. Alicia thinks that it would be cool for Livia to add her ukulele in with her performances. Blake said that he knew he was going to hit his button when he first heard Livia sing. Alicia and Kelly started singing “Earth Angel”. Livia chose Alicia to be her coach.

Nashville accountant Jordan Kirddorfer is hoping to take his music beyond the church. He sang “In Case You Didn’t Know” for his audition nd got Adam to turn his chair; Blake Followed for a battle of the guys to win Jordan. Adam called the performance multifaceted and very little to poke holes in; adding that it was beautiful. Blake said that he could hear something special in Jordan’s voice. After thanking both guys for their comments, Jordan chose Blake to be his coach.

Shana Halligan is the daughter of a Blood Sweat and Tears founder but is looking to make a mark of her own as a solo artist. She sang “Bang Bang” for her audition. Shana’s high note got Alicia to turn her chair. Alicia said that she felt Shana the moment she opened her mouth; adding Shana had unique quality in her voice.

Choir director Gary Edwards teaches the youth choir at his church also performs with two cover bands. He chose the Marvin Gaye song “What’s Going On” for his audition, putting his own spin on the song. Adam was the first to turn his chair with Blake following. Before Gary was introduced Adam and Blake made a bet that Adam could win the next battle between them. Adam thanked Gary for singing a song that he needed to hear. Blake noted that Gary has a soft voice that can also explode. Alicia said that Gary was superb. Kelly noted that she was dumb for not turning her chair. Gary chose Adam to be his coach…Adam wins the bet.

Mercedes Fereira-Dias is a Venezuelan-American sang “All I Ask” for her audition but despite her incredible voice, she failed to turn any chairs. Kelly was very close to pushing her button. Adam asked her to come back next season because she drserved to be on the show.

In the final audition of the night, Hannah Goebel has chosen the Alicia Keys song “If I Ain’t Got You”. Kelly and Adam pushed their buttons right away with Blake following. Alicia made it a four chair turn but Kelly finally used her block on Alicia. Adam noted that unfortunately Alicia is not an option but there are three other choices…of which he is one. Kelly said that she could help Hannah with longevity in her career. Blake also said that he loved Hannah. Hannah chose Kelly to be her coach.

The blind auditions conclude on Tuesday’s show.

Alicia’s team:
Britton Buchanan
Kelsea Johnson
Jaclyn Lovey
Christiana Danielle
Johnny Bliss
Jordan Simone
Megan Lee
Terrence Cunningham
Livia Faith
Shana Halligan

Kelly’s team:
Brynn Cartelli
D. R. King
Justin Gilmore
Molly Stevens
Dylan Hartigan
Jackie Foster
Jorge Eduardo
Alexa Cappella
Teana Ralston
Hannah Goebel

Adam’s team:
Rayshun LaMarr
Drew Cole
Mia Boostrom
Reid Umstattd
Angel Bonilla
Stephanie Skipper
Tish Hayes Keys
Mya Bass
Gary Edwards

Blake’s team:
Kyla Jade
Kaleb Lee
Pryor Baird
Brett Hunter
Austin Giorgio
Spensha Baker
Jaron Strom
Bransen Ireland
Jordan Kirkdorfer