Last week on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Bebe Zahara Benet won, but Aja was sent home.

This week, the time has come…

for revenge!

Only five queens remain. RuPaul informs the queens that this week they will be auditioning for her new supergroup – Kitty Girls.

The queens must create their own Kitty Girl look and persona and they will haveto write the lyrics for their solo spot in the song.

Saying that she almost forgot, RuPaul said that she decided to audition a few other girls…the eliminated queens return. Morgan McMichales, Aja, Thorgy Thor, Milk, and Chi Chi DeVayne will all be creating their own competing Kitty Girls look.

After the queens go head to head on the stage, one of the top five All Stars will be eliminated and replaced by one of the previously eliminated queens.

The queens work with “American Idol” alumni and Queen member Adam Lambert.

In the workroom the eliminated queens get into a rather heated discussion over who eliminated who and why; as well as, an offense note that had been posted about Shangela.

In the studio, some of the queens had issues with projecting their characters.

BenDeLaCreme and Morgan McMichaels talk further and hash things out as they prepare for the runway. The other queens continue discussing their feelings over the eliminations. Milk and Kennedy Davenport have a conversation.

Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley join RuPaul at the udge’s table this week with special guest judges Adam Lambert and Emma Bunton.

After the performances…

Saying that they have not made it easy, RuPaul announced that the Top Five All Stars was the winning team.

The judges said that Trixie was as cute as a button and were performance was smart and well done. But in the studio, Adam felt that she was standoffish.

The judges loved Kennedy Davenport’s body suit and her hair was glamourous, but they wanted more diva from her.

BenDeLaCreme played a Goth. The judges like the look; saying that she nailed it. When RuPaul asked why she chose Goth, BenDeLaCreme said that she was channeling some angst.

The judges said that Shangela had a flawless look and Emma couldn’t take her eyes off of Shangela.

The judges loved Bebe’s leopard suit. Adam said that she cracked him up in the studio but blew him away with her performance.

RuPaul named BenDeLaCreme and Bebe Zahara Benet as the top two queens. This is Ben’s fifth time in the top two this season.

In the workroom BenDeLaCreme and Bebe are in a quandry over what to do about having to eliminate one of their group and choose an eliminated queen to come back.

The lip sync song for this week is “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here”.

RuPaul named BenDeLaCreme as the winner for her third win of the season.

BenDeLaCreme has chosen to bring Morgan McMichaels back to the show. Of the three All Star queens in the bottom – Trixie Mattel, Kennedy Davenport, and Shangela – BenDeLaCreme said that it was the easiest decision she has made all season…she named herself as the queen going home. BenDeLaCreme said that she feels like she is going home a winner; adding that the remaining queens all deserve to be the winner.

BenDeLaCreme’s decision shocked RuPaul who told the remaining queens – no more white out (BenDeLaCreme used white out to write her own name).

Next week Squirrelfriends….