Hollywood is filled with the stories and films of a small town girl who dreams of becoming a star in the big city.

Nebraska farm girl Kathy Zimmer doesn’t have to dream…she is living it as a musician in New York City.

But it is there that the typical story ends. Kathy has taken the old folk music originally made popular by Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan and brought it in to the 21st century in what she calls Cosmopolitan Folk music.

Kathy was destined to make her mark in music in one form or another; as a child in Nebraska the large family would gather to play and have a good time jam. Learning to play acoustic and electric guitar, Kathy joined in.

Over the past 10 years, Kathy has released three albums and an EP. In January 5 she will release her new EP “White Noise”. The album features all original songs written by Kathy. She says that her song mostly come from what’s in her head with a few characters and sometimes song ideas from from life itself.

On January 25 Kathy will be giving a performance in what she says is her favourite venue – The Slipper Room – to promote the new album. Kathy noted that she would like to go beyond New York City and get out to perform and promote the album this coming spring and summer.

When not performing her own music, the music major is helping to pass the music on to the next generation as a teacher.


photo courtesy of HyPR Media.