It’s hard to believe that the musical British Invasion happened over 50 years ago, but next year British rockers Led Zeppelin will mark 50 years of music.

And they are doing so in a big way with a book and the promise of new music.

While the surviving members of the band – Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones are not reuniting as a band, the lads are working together on an anniversary book that is an illustrated history of the band. The book is set for a release some time in 2018.

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has also revealed that he is working on putting together some new Led Zeppelin music to celebrate the anniversary. Page has said that the new release will be music that was never released.

Page noted that he also has plans to do some performing next year.n


photo credit:  By p_a_h from United Kingdom –, CC BY 2.0,