Rockers Velvet Underground will celebrate 50 years of music next year and to mark the occasion, the band is releasing a career spanning vinyl boxed set.

Set for a February 23 release the box will include the band’s four studio albums, an album that was “lost”, and Nico’s debut solo album.

But, there’s a catch…only 1,000 copies of the set are being released and it is selling for $179.98.

Velvet Underground is pressing the albums on 180 grain black vinyl with the songs in stereo and featuring the original cover art. Also included in the set is a 48 page book of vintage photos and lyrics. Maureen “Moe” Tucker has penned a new forward to the book for the event.

Albums included in the boxed set are:
“The Velvet Underground and Nico”
“Nico: Chelsea Girl”
“White Light / White Heat”
“The Velvet Underground”
“1969” a double album including many of the original mixes


photo credit By Name, Billy – eBay, Public Domain,