Ideas for songs can come from most anywhere with the most popular answer being “things I see around me.” But for storyteller and musician Tammie Shannon, she has to go no further than her own life to create new songs.

For Tammie, life didn’t just get in the way, it nearly killed her.

After raising a family, Tammie decided that it was her turn and with a little encouragement from one of her children, she decided to return to music – she had been singing since she was a small child.

But in 2013 an automobile accident and subsequent emergency appendectomy led to some complications that left Tammie with damaged vocal chords – one of them was paralyzed. With some hard work, she not only learned to talk again, but to also sing again.

Currently Tammie is putting the finishing touches on her debut album – “All of Me” – and is looking to have the album ready to release early in the year.

The album features all original songs penned by Tammie. She has an interesting and unique format when it comes to songwriting. Using her mobile phone as a songwriting tool, Tammie begins with the beats from the bass and drums; she then builds the song from there.

Tammie considers her songs as her children and says that it is nice to see them grow up.

Along with growing up singing in the church in Arkansas, Tammie has shared the stage with Percy Sledge. She considers Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, and Etta James as her biggest influences.

Tammie currently calls Nashville home and notes that it is nice working with talented people.