For the second year in a row, the BWAA – Baseball Writers Association of America – have selected a single player to the Baseball Hall of Fame out of the 28 eligible nominees.

Third baseman Scott Rolen earned 76.3 percent of the votes to earn his way into the Hall of Fame – 75 percent is required for an induction into The Hall.  During his time as a player Rolin played for the Phillies, Cardinals, Reds and Blue Jays.  During his career, Bolin has won eight Gold Glove Awards and  was one of only 35 players with at least 2,000 hits, 300 homers and 500 doubles.

Rolin hasn’t always been a third baseman, he explains, “I was a shortstop and pitched a little bit [in high school.  Then, through high school, I played right field, center field, left field, second, third and short in the same year. I kind of kept growing and there was another kid that played shortstop and was just kind of an infielder, and [I] got moved over to third base. I caught a little attention in the summer [between sophomore and junior year], and they just kind of kept me there.”

Rolin was elected in his sixth year of eligibility after receiving just 10.2 percent in his first year of eligibility.  This is the first time that a player has ever been elected into The Hall after receiving less than 15 perfect of the vote on their first ballot.  He is just the 18th third baseman in the history of the Hall of Fame to be elected.

Speaking on his being named into the Hall of Fame, Rolin said, “you don’t think about this.  You think about trying to do the best you can and play for your team and do the best you can. It’s such a long road, and I never thought the Hall of Fame would be the answer.

After receiving the phone call about his induction, Rolin’s son Finn asked if he (his father) wanted to play catch.  Rolin noted, “tt’s 30 degrees here, and it’s gonna snow about 12 inches tomorrow, and my son and I were in the driveway playing catch about 10-15 minutes after we got the phone call,” Rolen said. “So that’s going to be a pretty special memory when I get to stop and think about it all.”

Back in December, the Players Committee voted Fred McGriff as the sole nominee from the Contemporary Baseball Era.

Potential Hall of Fame players are still reeling from the “steroid era” as members of the BWAA continue to be cautious of whom they allow into the Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held July 23 at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

The BWAA have just elected the 2023 class – one Scott Rolin – into the MLB Hall of Fame and pundits are already looking ahead to next year’s list of nominees…

After falling short this year, Todd Helton may be able to make it over the 75 percent hump to become a member of the Hall of Fame.

Billy Wagner and Andruw Jones also fell short in 2022 but after making some big gains in the voting, will have a good chance to making it in if they continue to progress.

Adrian Beltre has some impressive number that make it hard for the voters to ignore in his first year of eligibility for induction into the Hall of Fame.  Joe Mauer, David Wright, Matt Holiday, Jose Bautista, Victor Martinez, Adrian Gonzalez, Jose Reves, Bartolo Colon and Chase Utley will also be eligible for the Hall of Fame ballot for the first time next year.

As for players who will make a return to the ballot…Carlos Beltran and Gary Sheffield will get his tenth and final shot on the ballot.