In less than two weeks, the NASCAR season gets an unofficial start with the annual Busch Light Clash on the man-made track inside the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California.

After the inaugural race last year, The Clash returns with a larger field and new musical acts.

Drivers eligible for The Clash events include all of the Cup Series charter teams from 2022 and any 2023 open teams.

On February 4 the drivers will take to the track for practice and single car qualifying for a starting order of the four heat races on February 5.  Each driver will get one warm-up and two timed laps to qualify.  The top four times will each serve as the pole sitter in each of the heat races.

On February 5 the field will be divided into four groups with each racing for 25 laps each with only the green flag laps counting.

The finishes in each of the heat races will help to determine the starting lineup for the feature event.  The top five finishes from each heat will move to the main race with the remainder get one more chance to make the main race in the Last Chance Qualifier races.  The field of Last Chance Qualifiers will be dived into two groups with each group running a 50 lap heat with only green flags counting.  The top three finishes in each LCQ will move on to the main race.

The final starting spot will go to the highest ranking driver in the point standing who has not already earned a spot in the main race.

Last year’s Cup Series champion Joey Logano will be in the race, the only question is exactly where he will start.  Logano was The Clash winner last year and will be going for his second win.

The main feature race is 150 laps in length.

The starting lineup for The Clash will be: (driver names will be filled in as the heat races conclude).

1Heat 1 winner
2Heat 2 winner
3Heat 3 winner
4Heat 4 winner
5Heat 1 second place
6Heat 2 second place
7Heat 3 second place
8Heat 4 second place
9Heat 1 third place
10Heat 2 third place
11Heat 3 third place
12Heat 4 third place
13Heat 1 fourth place
14Heat 2 fourth place
15Heat 3 fourth place
16Heat 4 fourth place
17Heat 1 fifth place
18Heat 2 fifth place
19Heat 3 fifth place
20Heat 4 fifth place
21LCQ 1 winner
22LCQ 2 winner
23LCQ 1 second place
24LCQ 2 second place
25LCQ 1 third place
26LCQ 2 third place
272022 points provisional