Ladytron has released their seventh studio album with “Time’s Arrow”.  The album is available on all platforms.

The album release by the Liverpool quartet comes on the heels of the release of three singles form the album – “City of Angels”, “Misery Remember Me”, and “Faces”.

 Tim Burgess will be offering a “Tim’s Listening Party” where he will be playing “Time’s Arrow” in its entirety on January 23 (Monday) at 9pm GMT (4pmEST) on Twitter.

The synth band has also announced a handful of tour dates in the U.S. and their United Kingdom homeland in the spring.

Last year, Ladytron celebrated 20 years of making and sharing their music.

Ladytron tour dates:
March 10 at SWG3 in Glasgow, UK
March 11 at the Camp & Furnace in Liverpool,UK
March 12 at Koko in London, UK
May 10 at The Neptune in Seattle, WA
May 11 at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR
May 12 at August Hall in San Francisco, CA
May 13 at Brookside at The Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, CA

The tracklisting for “Time’s Arrow”:
“City of Angels”
“Misery Remember Me”
“Flight from Angkor”
“We Never Went Away”
“The Night”
“The Dreamers”
“Sargasso Sea”
“Time’s Arrow”

Feature photo credit: courtesy of MagnumPR