Able Back bills himself as a rapper, actor, and poet; but he is much for than that, the proud father of a 10 year old daughter and a preacher; he has chosen to take his words to the street in the form of Rap.

Able notes that we must do our best to find God’s voice for us…and he has found that voice with Gospel Rap.  Saying that Rap should never be defined, Able uses his voice to spread love and a groove for the future.

His latest album “Apple Z” does just that with 18 works that are suitable for any audience…even a 10 year old with not an F bomb or other derogatory word in the album.   In fact, his daughter Kaity not only appears on the album, but wrote her own lyrics for the two pieces she is in. 

When speaking on Kaity, Albe’s voice lights up the same way he says that Kaity lights up the room with her smile.

As for the album title, Able says that Apple is for going back to the root – apple, seed, and Adam; while Z is for a redo.

Now 40, Able notes that his grey hairs are a landmark of who you are.  But life is also a journey; a journey that Able says, “Noah is a representative of how amazing the journey is.”  Part of the journey for Able was a trip to Jerusalem and using the Bible as his guide, embarked on a spiritual journey and retraced the life of Jesus.

In some ways, Albe’s journey was carved out long before he was born, he had a great-grandfather who was one of the owners of the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Losing his own father at a young age, Able turned The Last Poets member Abiodun Oyewole who not only introduced a young Albert to poetry, but helped to send him on a path that would lead to music, Hollywood, and some of the biggest names in the business. 

One of those names is Ye (formerly known as Kanye West), a man Able says is a great mind and has a voice that cuts through – like Bruce Springsteen, a voice like no other.  Able has works to “Donda”, “Donda 2”, and is currently working with the artist.  Other collaborations include The Game, T.I., Lauren London, Evan Ross, Big Boi, Jason Weaver, Macy Gray, Lumidee, and Monica.  He has also toured with Mos Def and Def Poetry.

The Bronx native now calls California home and thanks to some of his musical connections landed the role of Brooklyn in the movie “ATL”; a film about four friends prepare to face the challenges of life after high school.  Listed under the name of Albert Daniels, his other acting credits include the Alicia Keys music video “Teenage Love Affair”, “After Hours: The Movie”, “The New Edition Story”, “Beats”, and “Looking in the Mirror”.

The tracklisting for “Apple Z”:
“Perfect Palace” 
“Survivors Guilt” 
“God Got It” 
“God Put Me There “
“Right And Who’s Wrong” 
“In His Name” 
‘The Shining“
“Let’s Go” 
“My Bad Love” 

feature photo credit: Albert Daniels/Albe Back Facebook page