Speaking on the album Song says, “’When it All Comes Crashing Down’ represents a personal and musical evolution for me. The majority of my songwriting prior to this project was extremely inward-facing, working through my internal issues, insecurities, doubts, and streams of consciousness. I began writing this project at the end of college, and finished writing it through the end of last year. It was a period of rapid growth and transformation for me, and for the first time in a long time, I felt real security in who I am as a person and artist. I found the ability to turn outward, and begin evaluating my relationship dynamics, holding people accountable that I’ve let walk over me in the past, and being the best person I can be in the friendships and relationships that I hold dearly in my life. The result is four songs that find me trying to advocate for myself in my romantic and platonic relationships, and find a stronger sense of self and happiness.” 

Speaking on the album’s title, she said it, “is a kind of hyperbolic way of saying that sometimes you need to let certain people and stressors go in order to make room for the ones you really care about. In terms of production, I ventured out of my comfort zone by creating new sounds, experimenting with playing guitar and bass elements on my songs for the first time, and practicing restraint at the same time.” 

Brooklyn alt-pop singer Sabrina Song has just released her third EP “When it All Comes Crashing Down”.  The appropriately name Song wrote, engineered, and produced thae album herself.

The first single from the EP “Down” is out now.  The four song album focuses on Song’s view of relationships.

Feature photo credit: Bao Ngo