When a songwriter pens a song, they must think about more than just the lyrics and the melody.  Orchestrations, instruments, and production also come into play. 

When Jeremy Squires was recording his new album “Hymnal” he decided that the “songs tell the story” instead of a grandiose production of the album.

Recording much of the album in his North Carolina home studio, Squires said, “these songs are true stories that I wanted to tell without any clutter.”  Once Squires finished his portion of the album, he sent them off to vocalist and violinist Autumn Rose Brand to add her parts to the production.

Out now, fans can stream or buy the album at https://smithmusic.ffm.to/662582848625_jeremysquires_hymnal.

Speaking on “Hymnal”, Squires said, “most of the songs are about my marriage falling apart.  The opening song, ‘Don’t You Cry,’ is like a letter to my wife. I was feeling vulnerable and helpless but trying to be strong. I also delved deeper into writing about mental illness, and the song ‘Moon Coin’ is about a childhood friend of mine who was brutally murdered. It was a way for me to acknowledge what happened, process it, and still question why these things happen.” 

“Hymnal” tracklisting:
“Don’t You Cry”
“Moon Coin”
“To the Moon and Back”
“Into the Fog”
“Echo Roads”

Feature photo credit: courtesy of IVPR Media