The first cutoff race in the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series playoffs at Bristol Motor Speedway last weekend was a harrowing affair for many of the playoff drivers with several of the drivers having numerous issues from power steering issues to blown engines.

One such drivers was Ryan Blaney who lost a tire on pit road after coming into the pits with a flat tire on lap 93 of the Bass Pro Shops Nigh Race.  A 30th place finish was the least of the Team Penske’s worries.

Teams that lose a wheel on pit road may or may not receive a penalty – it is at the discretion of NASCAR as to whether or not the errant tire is a danger to other teams.  When the tire ended up in the pit box of the number three car, NASCAR deemed it severe enough to asses a penalty for violating the NASCAR rule book.  Crew chief Jonathan Hassler, rear tire changer Zachary Price, and jackman Graham Stoddard have all bee suspended for the next four races.  The suspended crew members may return to the track after the race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on October 16.