Previously Sir Paul McCartney has released “McCartney”, “McCartney II”, and “McCartney III”.  Now all three albums are available as a special edition boxed set that include some special photos and notes a oUt the albums from Sir Paul himself.

The set is being offered as a three CD set and as a three LP package in either the traditional black or in colour – clear, white, and creamy white.

A career spanning collection, the original “McCartney” album was released in 1970 and was Sir Paul’s solo debut.  “McCartney II” came in 1980 after Wings, and the final installment of the trilogy came amidst a global pandemic in 2020 that left millions of musicians with time on their hands.

Sir Paul began his career as the bass player for a group of mop topped lads from Liverpool, England and helped to turn The Beatles into one of the biggest bands on the planet.   The Beatles broke up in 1970; there generations of people who have never seen the band live, but the music is still immensely popular.

But Sir Paul has never let himself be pigeon holed into one style of music.  A multi instrumentalist who can play dozens of instruments, he has composed  alleys, classical compositions, pop music, rock and roll, and even electronic music.

And the new “McCartney” collections demonstrates a little of it all as the man himself gives fans a glimpse into his musical world.

feature photo credit: courtesy of UMe