Nichelle Nichols – who is best known for her role as Lt Uhura in the original “Star Trek” television series and films will soon be making her final voyage into space ; along with cast members Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (Christine Chapel), James Doohan (chief engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott), and “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry.

After their deaths, Doohan and the Roddenberry’s also wished to have their ashes flown into space.  Celestis Inc will soon be carrying some of Nichols’ ashes; along with a sample of her DNA and a sample of her son Kyle’s DNA some 90 to 190 million miles into space on what they are calling the Enterprise Flight on a ship called Vulcan.  The flight is scheduled to take place sometime later this year.

Nichols will not be alone on her flight; the Roddenberry’s and Doohan; along with over 200 capsules filled with ashes, DNA, and messages will make the trip into space.  Academy Award nominated visual effects artist Douglas Trumball will also be a part of the flight.

After launching from Kennedy Space Center in Cap Canaveral, Florida the ship will begin with a trajectory to the moon.  The Centaur stage will head into deep space where it will enter an orbit around the sun and become an outpost that will be called the Enterprise Station.

Nichols son Kyle Johnson spoke on the impending flight saying, “my only regret is that I cannot share this eternal tribute standing beside my mother at the launch.  I know she would be profoundly honored for this unique experience and enthusiastically encourage ALL of her FANS to join us vicariously by contributing your thoughts, affections, memories, NN inspired successes, dreams, and aspirations via email to be launched with her on this flight! WOW!”  Fans may send their messages via the Celestis Inc website.

After the conclusion of the original “Star Trek” series and films, Nichols worked for NASA.  Her family has created the Nichelle Nichols Foundation to “inspire the next generation to aim for the stars and lead us closer to Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future.”