Hailing from the Niagara region in Ontario, Giancarlo has tapped into the music of the past for his latest single “Take the Money”.  With a good beat that’s easy to dance to, Giancarlo uses a horn section in his band The Scarfones to help fans take a step into the past.

“Take the Money” is a part of the new album “Frame of Mimd”.  What started as a four song EP in 2020 has turned into a full fledged album filled with tunes just looking for a party.

Like many bands, The Scarfones with Giancarlo started out as a cover band, but it wasn’t long before the band was creating music of their own.

Over the next couple of months, Giancarlo and the Scarfones have some concert dates planned around Canada’s Niagara region.

Giancarlo and the Scarfones concert dates:
Aug 27 at the Taps Brewhouse in Niagara Falls, ON
Sept 3 at The Crystal Chandelier in Crystal Beach, ON
Sept 10 at the Cat’s Kitchen in Niagara Falls, ON
Sept 17 at The Manhattan Bar & Grill in St  Catherines, ON
Sept 23 at The Riverside Tavern in Chippewa, ON
Oct 8 at The Honest Lawyer in Welland, ON
Oct 14 at The Riverside Tavern in Chippewa, ON
Oct 15 at Pool City Billiards in St Catherine’s, ON
Nov 19 at Peter Piper’s Pubhouse in Font Hill, ON

feature photo credit: courtesy of Eric Alper