Whether it be “Space Oddity”, “Ziggy Stardust”, putting a new spin on an old Christmas Carol with Bing Crosby, or “Lazarus”; David Bowie was a pioneering artist his entire career.  More than just a musician; he embodied all forms of art.

Bowie died in 2016 just two days after his 69th birthday as a result of cancer.

In celebration of Bowie and what would have been his 75th year, Martin Popoff has created a hard cover book of Bowie – his life and music.

“Bowie @ 75” features 200 pages of David Bowie and includes hundreds of black and white and colour photographs of Bowie through the years…even some when he was just a lad.

In 75 separate “chapters”, Popoff details the world of the man, the myth, and the legend that became David Bowie.

The orange hard cover book comes encased in a box adorned with Bowie’s face and outlined in velvet.  Inside, the journey begins with a glimpse into the beginning of David Robert Haywood Jones – he later changed his name to David Bowie so as not to be confused with the lead singer of the boy band known as The Monkees – and ends with the release of his final album “Blackstar” which was released just two days before his death on his 69th birthday.  Bowie worked on the album knowing that the end was near and not knowing whether he would survive to reach that momentous date.

Retailing at $75.00 in the U.S., “Bowie @75” is set for a September 6 release.  The book is currently available for pre-order.