Steve Hackett concluded a European tour in April and in September he will be releasing a new album “Genesis Revisited Live: Seconds Out & More”.  The new album was recorded on that tour when the band celebrated Genesis by performing the Live album in full.

The package will be released in a variety of formats on September 2 with the vinyl package being released on November 25.

Speaking on the album, Hacket said, “I’m so happy to release my Seconds Out & More show… A spectacular night with a band on fire tearing into that magic music combining the true spirit of Genesis with a fresh virtuosic approach and an extraordinary sound under amazing lights. This show is a feast for both ears and eyes. The best of so many worlds!”

“Genesis Revisited Live: Second Out & More” is being offered as…

A limited edition two CD and Blu-ray

A limited edition two CD and DVD

A four LP plus two CD package

And as an audio digital download

The limited edition CD packages will also come with a behind the scenes documentary and promo videos.