In a baseball game between the Los Angeles Angels and the Seattle Mariners on June 26 turned into a knock down drag out benches clearing brawl after Angels pitcher Andrew Wantz hit Mariners outfielder Jesse Winkler at the plate.

The result of the melee has resulted in 12 players and coaches being suspended.  Los Angeles Angels interim manager Phil Nevin leads the list with a 10 game suspension. 

Nevin received the biggest penalty after both teams and been warned about intentionally hitting players and it was deemed that Wantz hit Winkler on purpose.  Jose Suarez was originally scheduled to start the game but Nevin made the last minute decision to start Andrew Wantz.

Denying that he had his pitcher intentionally throw at Mariners players, Nevin said, “that’s not factual. But I don’t want to get into a war of words with that,” Nevin said. “What’s done is done. Yesterday’s over and done with. We’re focused on the White Sox today.”

Wantz hit Winkler on the first pitch of the second inning; after Wantz threw a pit behind Julio Rodriguez’ head in the first inning.

After being hit by the pitch, Mariners player Jesse Winker received a seven game suspension.

The other suspensions are:
Mariners short stop J.P. Crawford was suspended five games
center fielder Julio Ordriguez was suspended two games
Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon who is currently on injured reserve will receive a five game suspension; in addition, he is not allowed to be on the Angles bench for the next seven games
Angels assistant pitching coach Dom Chiti received a five game suspension
Angels pitcher Andrew Wantz received a three game suspension
pitcher Ryan Tepera received a three game suspension
pitcher Raisel Iglesias received a two game suspension
Angels bench coach Ray Montgomery received a two game suspension
Interpreter Manny Del Campo received a two game suspension
and catching coach Bill Haselman received a single game suspension

While Phil Nevin’s suspension began on Monday night; pitcher Andrew Wantz is the only person not appealing the ruling.  Pitching coach Dom Chiti is also serving his suspension.  Ray Montgomery who is currently serving as the manager and catching coach Bill Haselman will serve their suspensions once Nevin returns.

It is believed that Wantz’ inside pitches were in retaliation of 95mph fastballs thrown near Angeles’ Mile Trout during the ninth of the Saturday night game.

The melee began with Winkler’s aggressive discussion aimed loudly at the Angles’ dugout after being hit.  He then charged the Angels dug out; resulting in a clearing of the benches.  Lasting nearly four minutes, the punch filled brawl was longer than a round at a boxing match.  It resulted in the game being delayed for 18 minutes and eight ejections.

Of those ejections, Mariners manager Scott Servais was the only one not among the suspensions.

MLB has told the teams that they can stagger the suspensions so they are not without all of their players at once; however, the teams cannot replace any of the players while on suspension and will be short-handed.

The Angels and Mariners must face each other eleven more times with the next game on August 5.