Libraries and schools around the country have faced numerous calls for the banning of books over the past several months.

Lafayette Parish Library Director Danny Gillane has found what he hopes will be a solution and keep his books on the shelves and not hidden away behind a counter or worse behind a locked door.

Gillane has suspended all themed book displays outside of general topics like romance, western, mystery, and literature.  The suspension will stop themes like Cajun history, Pride, Black History, Women’s History, and Native American History. 

The suspension is in place until further notice.

Gillane told the local Lafayette newspaper that the decision was made in order to protect the library and the book and film collection saying, “I’m doing this because everything’s a fight.  And if I put these books out right now, I feel like I am inviting people to challenge these books.”

So far this year Gillane has faced two possible bans and has made changes to the collection in order to save them.  In the case of the book “This Book is Gay”, Gillane moved it – and other nonfiction teen books to the adult nonfiction section.

The Library Board assigned the NC-17 rating – meaning no one under the age of 17 may check out the video – for a previously unrated documentary about gay Hollywood stars and their unofficial “pimp”.

While Gillane is looking to keep his collection of books and films safe on the shelves, some see the move as “self-censorship”.

Administrator for the Lafayette Citizens Agains Censorship Facebook page Lynette Majia said, “for a library, that’s ridiculous, it It goes against everything a library is supposed to stand for.”

President of Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays Lafayette Matthew Humphrey added, “this is viewpoint discrimination.  Denying representation to any minority community at the public library will not go unanswered. We are not afraid to sue.”

In an email to library managers, Gillane said, “after two years without a full-blown celebration, we would like the focus to be on all things Summer Reading, including our displays.  We want to take the spotlight away from anything considered political and focus on what the library does best: Providing programs and services to everyone in Lafayette Parish. Period.”