In Boston, Fenway Park is as much a part of life as breathing itself. 

Thanks to some upgrades made to Fenway Park with the Truly Terrace, the seniors at Marblehead High School had their 2022 Prom at Fenway Park…while their beloved Red Sox were playing on the field!  While there have been a number of events held at the famed park, it apparently is the first time a high school prom was held during a game.

Because of Covid and the pandemic restrictions, the prom was made all the more special since it is the first time the seniors could have a dance.

Marblehead class president Grace MacLean spoke on the prom saying, “this This is actually our first class dance. We lost out on our sophomore semi-formal and our junior prom so we knew we wanted to do something big.  We knew we wanted to go to Boston. And a woman who works in our main office, her husband [works for the Red Sox]. We knew they had this brand new events space and we just figured we’d ask. It all came together and we couldn’t be happier.”

There will no doubt be more of such event in the future, but the students of Marblehead High School will always get to say that they were the first.

feature photo credit:

Marblehead Public School District twitter page