Elvis Presley is as much a part of Las Vegas as slot machines and gambling.

But, that is about to change…

Authentic Brands Group, the company that oversees Graceland and the Elvis Presley estate, have sent cease and desist letters to the chapels who use Elvis as a part of their themed wedding ceremonies.

The letter is designed to “halt unauthorized use of “Presley’s name, likeness, voice image, and other elements of Elvis Presley’s persona in advertisements, merchandise and otherwise.”  The Authentic Brands Group stated that “Elvis”, “Elvis Presley”, and “The King of Rock and Roll” are all copyrighted trademarks.

The Las Vegas wedding industry notes that the order will throw a decimating blow to their industry.

Clark County Clerk Lynn Goya added that the order “couldn’t have come at a worse time for the sector.”  The Las Vegas Wedding industry is a $2 billion a year business with a significant number of those involving Elvis themes.  “It might destroy a portion of our wedding industry. A number of people might lose their livelihood,” Goya said.

Graceland Wedding Chapel manager Rod Musum noted that they perform over six thousand Elvis themed weddings each year; adding that so far they have not received a cease and desist order.

Saying that they have, “no intention to shut down chapels that offer Elvis packages in Las Vegas”, the Authentic Brands Group said, “we are seeking to partner with each of these small businesses to ensure that their use of Elvis’ name, image and likeness are officially licensed and authorized by the estate, so they can continue their operations.  Elvis is embedded into the fabric of Las Vegas history.”

Authentic Brands Group oversees some 50 brands including Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Ali.

The cease and desist order does not apply to the live stage shows like “All Shook Up” since impersonations during a live show is an exception under Nevada state law.

Elvis impersonator Kent Ripley noted that in 25 years of performing as Elvis, he has never had an issue; adding, they want to protect the Elvis brand. But what are they protecting by taking Elvis away from the public?” Ripley asked.

Elvis Presley himself got married to Priscilla in Las Vegas in 1967.