NASCAR Issues Dover Penalties

When the 2002 Cup Series began, teams were having some issues adjusting to the new Next Gen car and making sure that they crews knew how to properly adhere the new single lug nut hub.  This past weekend at Dover Motor Speedway, some crews once again had issues with the lug nut as they hurried to get their drivers back out on the track in a timely fashion.

AS a result, NASCAR has issued two major penalties  in relation to cars losing a wheel.

At varying times during the race Denny Hamlin lost a wheel from his Joe Gibbs Racing number eleven car and AJ Allmendinger lost a wheel on his number 16 Kaulig Racing car; as a result of the infractions both teams will face suspensions.

On the number eleven team, crew chief Chris Gabehart, jackman Derrrell Edwards, and front tire changer Blake Houston have all been suspended for the next four races.

On the number 16 team crew chief Matt Swiderski, jackman Jonathan Willard, and front tire changer Keiston France have all been suspended for the next four races.

The suspensions will include the All Star race and the Coca-Cola 600.

There were no further penalties issued in the Cup Series.

In the Xfinity Series, NASCAR has issued two penalties both related to tires.

The JR Motorsports number one car driven by Sam Mayer was hit with a four race suspension after the car lost a tire during the race.  As a result, crew chief Taylor Moyer, rear jackman Markus Pierce-Brewster, and tire changer Orane Ossowski have all been suspended for the next four races.

In a bad weekend for AJ Allmendinger, his Xfinity Series number 16 car was charged with having a properly unsecured lug nut.  Crew chief Bruce Schlicker has been fined $5,000 for the infraction.

NASCAR has announced the indefinite suspension of Jesse Iwuji Motorsports’ crew chief Jason Houghtaling due to a violation of the NASCAR rule book’s code of conduct policies.

Kyle Larson is one of those drivers who is ready to jump into anything with four wheels and race anywhere at anytime.  Over the weekend, he traveled between Bristol and Dover to race in both the World of Outlaws and the NASCAR Cup Series.

On Friday night, Larson had qualified to start the feature race second; but after missing a notification call to the staging area, he was placed at the back of the field to start the race.  Larson have worked his way from the back of the field and was battling for the lead when he wrecked his car on the last lap.

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