Three of the characters from “Sesame Street” – Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Abby Cadabby – will be leaving the neighbourhood for a short time to embark on an adventure.

The CGI animated series “Mecha Builders” has the lovable characters donning metal suits and flying through the air to teach some science and technology.

Executive vice president of creative and production at Sesame Workshop Kay Wilson Stallings spoke on the new series saying, “these are characters that are beloved and that our audience loves. So it’s just like expanding on these characters and who they can become. 

Geared toward young attention spans, each episode is just eleven minutes long and opens with a problem to be solved to challenge the three heroes who must work together to solve the problem.

Wilson Stallings added, “that’s how kids learn, right? You’re not going to get it right the first time. And what we like to model is what these characters are doing: They’re really heroes in training and so there’s a lot of trial and error.  You just have to have perseverance and you have to do a little creative problem solving before you end up with the right solution.”

Abby noted that the motto is repeated each episode, “first we planned it. We thought about ways to solve the problem.”

Elmo adds, “then we tested it. We tried different ideas and didn’t give up.”

“Then we solved it. We found a solution and saved the day,” concludes Cookie Monster.

“Mecha Builders” is a partnership between WarnerMedia Kids and Family and Sesame Workshop.  The series is set to begin in early May on HBO/Max and the Cartoon Network.  The premiere episode “They Sent Us a Pie” debuts on the “Sesame Street” YouTube channel and is available now.

The same lovable characters; Abby, Cookie, and Elmo are equipped with some extra “problem solving tools” for the new episode including being able to grow and shrink.