When “The Simpsons” first appeared on the air over 20 years ago, it took the television world by storm.  The animated series that features yellow hued characters has been on the radar of every A-lister in Hollywood as a guest star spot.

Over the years, “The Simpsons” has featured quite a diverse list of characters and when the show airs on April 10, they will make history by featuring their first actor who is deaf in the episode “The Sound of Bleeding Gums”.

Autry plays the role of Monk – the son of Bleeding Gums Murphy – who meets Lisa Simpson, his father’s favourite Jazz musician.  Fresh off the heels of “CODA” and the film’s Academy Award wins, the episode will also include Monk speaking in ASL – American Sign Language.

In an interview, Autry spoke on the role and the episode saying, “this can impact change for all of us.  It’s about hard of hearing and hearing characters coming together. It’s a part of history.”

Autry made his screen debut in 2006 with “Night Feeders”.  Since then he has appeared in the TV movie “Katrina”, an episode of “Til Death”, an episode of “No Ordinary Family”, an episode of “Fail”, two episodes of “Glee”, the voice of Leonard on “Chatty Catties”, and as Blaze Young in five episodes of “I Hear You”.

feature photo credit: Chillerton & Gatcombe Scarecrow Festival 2011 14.JPG