Dr. Seuss has always been known for creating uniquely whimsical books for children. Last year six of those books were removed from the catalog over issues of racism and lack of inclusiveness.

Dr. Seuss Enterprises has announced that new books are in the works aimed at children ages four to eight that will promote inclusivity. The books will be taken from sketches created prio to Theodor Geisel’s death in 1991. The books will be written and illustrated by a group of “ up-and-coming authors and artists”.

Dr. Seuss Enterprises notes that the new books will feature a “cross-section of racial backgrounds to represent as many families as possible.” President and CEO of Dr. Seuss Enterprises Susan Brandt said, “we look forward to putting the spotlight on a new generation of talent who we know will bring their unique voices and style to the page, while also drawing inspiration from the creativity and imagination of Dr. Seuss.”

DSE noted, “the original Dr. Seuss sketch that serves as the inspiration for each of the new Seuss Studios books will be included in the book, along with a note from the creators explaining how they were inspired, and their process.”

While still selecting who will create the books, the plan is to have a new book released next year with at least two new books released in successive years.

Geisel’s books remain popular and help to put the author in among the top of the list of celebrities who are no longer alive. His works have been sold in more 100 countries around the world and have been translated into dozens of languages including braille.

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