The Olympic torch had barely been distinguished in Beijing when Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded neighbouring country Ukraine. The move has caused outrage all over the world with numerous sporting and entertainment organizations either refusing to participate with Russian athletes or allow the Russian to participate.

Net Opera General Manager Peter Gelb released a statement supporting the Ukraine; that video message also states that the New York City Metropolitan Opera will not work with any artist who supports the policies of President Putin. The move may effect The Met’s collaboration with the Bolshoi Ballet and a performance with soprano Anna Netrebko of “Turandot” by Puccini.Director of The Metropolitan Opera Yannick Nezet-Seguin has also replaced Gergiev for the performances with the Vienna Philharmonic in Naples, FL and at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Nezet-Seguin has also canceled the performances of the Mariinsky Orchestra with Gergiev as conductor in May.

After his support for Putin, Russian conductor Valery Gergiev has had his contract canceled by his management company Marcus Felsner. Felsner issued a statement saying, “in the light of the criminal war waged by the Russian regime against the democratic and independent nation of Ukraine, and against the European open society as a whole, it has become impossible for us, and clearly unwelcome, to defend the interests of Maestro Gergiev.”

Among his duties, Gergiev is the chief conductor for the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, a role Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter said end unless the maestro publicly denounces Pution and his actions.

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra has held a Gergiev Festival since 1996, but has stated that unless Gergiev denounces Putin, they will drop the Festival.

The European Broadcasting Union has announced that Russian artists will no longer be permitted to participate in the annual Eurovision Song Contest. The EBU stated that allowing Russian to compete would “disrepute” the competition. However, Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra will be allowed to compete.

In the world of sports, Russia has been suspended from the International Soccer, the suspension includes all qualifying matches for the upcoming World Cup event to be held in Qatar.

FIFA and UEFA (European authority) have banned Russia from all national and club events until further notice. Russia was scheduled to begin qualifying play for the World Cup in three weeks. The two organizations issued a statement saying, “football is fully united here and in full solidarity with all the people affected in Ukraine.”

The International Olympic Committee is urging sporting organizations to ban Russian athletes from events. Speaking on events, the IOC said they needed to, “protect the integrity of global sports competitions and for the safety of all the participants.” This comes on the heels of yet another doping scandal in the Olympics involving Russian athletes.

The IOC has stated that Russian and Belarus athletes competing the upcoming Paralympic Games beginning March 4 should compete under a neutral flag and anthem.

Russian football coach Valery Karpin spoke on the ban saying, “I feel sorry for my boys. They were dreaming about playing at the World Cup. Now their hope is gone.”

The International Ice Hockey Federation has followed suit and has banned Russian and Belarus from all competition; adding that it will also be pulling the 2023 world junior championship out of Siberia.

The National Hockey League has also condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and is suspending all business deals in Russia; in addition the NHL will no longer consider future events in Russia.

The NHL consists of a number of Russian players; the NHL noted, “we remain concerned about the well-being of the players from Russia, who play in the NHL on behalf of their NHL clubs, and not on behalf of Russia. We understand they and their families are being placed in an extremely difficult position.”

Finland, Germany, Albania, and Switzerland have all stated that they will not play Russian teams in upcoming events. And all matches have been pulled out of Russia.

World Rugby has also suspended Russia and Belarus from all events and suspended the Russian Rugby teams Union membership. The announcements essentially eliminate Russia from participation in any World Cup events.

The International Judo Federation has has suspended President Vladimir Putin as the organizations honourary president. The IJF is one of the few groups that refer to the recent invasion as a war. The IJF has also pulled their Grand Slam event out of Kazan, Russia.

Champions League has pulled their event out of Russia and Formulas One has cancelled the Russian Grand Prix.

The International Ski Federation has moved or cancelled the next several events that had been scheduled in Russia.

English Premier League football’s Manchester United team has removed the Russian airline Aeroflot as one of their sponsors.

The International Tennis Federation has posponed a tournament scheduled to take place in the Ukraine in April.

A national game in Russia, the International Chess Federation has cancelled their Olympiad scheduled to take place in Moscow and is looking for a new location.

The World Curling Federation has taken the European Curling Championship out of Perm, Russia.

The men’s World League water polo event in St. Petersburg and the Artistic Swimming and Diving World Series in Kazan have both been cancelled; as has the European Aquatics competition, the women’s water polo events, and Euro League quarter-finals.