The female trio Scabaret combines cabaret styled music and pop into a whole new form of music. Octave Records has just released their new album “Hothouse Flower” – an album of original music that features vocals, piano, and viola.

Hannah Jackson was on the competition reality show “The X Factor”. Amy Faris is the songwriter and pianist of the group. And Kimberly Sparr is the viola player who has appeared with numerous symphonies. Together they are Scabaret!

Amy Faris spoke on the trio saying, “I feel like with this group of people we can do any style in the world. The sky’s the limit.”

Speaking on the album Hannah Jackson said, “we take people through the low lows and the high highs, and all the colors that go into the mosaic of life. That’s how we approach all of those topics, from our experiences as women.”

The recording process makes it seem like the listener is in the room with the trio including every breath, movement, or touch of the pedal.

The tracklisting for “Hothouse Flower”:
“You Think You Can”
“Hothouse Flower”
“Better on Paper”
“Life at Lightning Speed”
“The Hot Spring”
“Two to Tango”
“Who Loves Me”

feature photo: album cover