The NASCAR Cup Series aren’t the only race car drivers that will be getting a new car. The Formula One Series is also getting a new car.

The drivers will get their first taste of the car in a testing session at Barcelona on February 23.

F1 has implemented a series of major changes that are designed to improve racing and more competitive. The changes include aerodynamic and tire requirements. The cars will have new rear and front wings, bigger wheels, and an increase in down force.

In some money saving measures, the teams will be using a higher ratio of sustainable fuel, new safety features, lower budget caps, and adjustments to race weekend schedules.

F1 motorsport boss Ross Brawn spoke on the changes saying, “every decision we have made has been towards not dumbing down the sport but making it more achievable for more of the teams and to get a closer competition going on for the future while still leaving it a meritocracy so the best teams still win.”

This is the first time F1 has made any car changes since 2017, but Mercedes and Red Bull continued to dominate the sport.

Brawn added, “I honestly don’t think the regulations will change the general order of things dramatically. It will bring it a lot closer and I think we’ll see some of what were the mid-field teams challenging. I think we’ll have a bigger group of competitive teams.”

The changes come after what F1 considers the greatest season that saw Max Verstappen edge out Lewis Hamilton to take the title with Red Bull. Verstappen’s win ended seven years of Mercedes dominance.

“I’m optimistic about the coming season. The good teams will always do a good job. They’ve got the expertise and the experience. Although I’d love to see it, I don’t think we’re going to see teams further back all of a sudden dominating this year,” said Brawn.

The F1 drivers will get a second testing session next month in Bahrain shortly before the season is scheduled to open on March 20 in the longest season ever with 23 races. Miami joins the race schedule with Japan, Canada, Austraila, and Singapore returning after being dropped due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 2021 champion Max Verstappen spoke on the new cr saying, “now with the new regulations, you have to get used to the car. It’s not like you just jump in and it’s an upgrade from last year. A lot is unknown about the car … I’m very curious to see how the car is behaving on track.”

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