The 2022 Winter Olympic games in Beijing, China and surrounding areas has reached the halfway point. Over the past few days, the games themselves have ceased to be the major topic of conversation; but instead, have been replaced by rumours, speculations, and accusations of cheating, doping, and scandal.

Who will win the remaining gold medals has been replaced by should a gold medal winning ice skater be stripped of her gold and forbidden to compete for a second.

The decision of the fate of Russian ice skater Kamila Valieva is set with a hearing on Sunday – February 13 – morning, just a couple of days before the women are scheduled to begin the figure skating competition.

Earlier in the week, it was revealed that Valieva tested positive for a drug that is used to treat angina (a heart condition) and vertigo – trimetazidine; the drug is also banned for use by athletes both in and out of competition.

Normally there would be no hesitation in banning the skater from The Games but the rules became muddied because Valieva is only 15 and according to the rules set out by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) anyone under the age of 16 is a “protected person” and may or may not be responsible for their actions.

In the case of Kamila Valieva, the court must first determine who is at fault before determining a punishment. The three judge panel – an American, an Italian, and a Slovenian – will only decide whether Valieva will be allowed to compete in the remainder of the 2022 games. The decision of whether the Russians – Russian Olympic Committee – will be allowed to retain the gold medal won in the team competition in which Valieva performed the first quadruple jump by a female will be determined at a later date.

While not all parties involved are at the Olympic games, an accusation of inappropriate behaviour has been made toward the coach of the American snowboard coachPeter Foley and former team mate Hagen Kearney by Callan Chythlook-Sifsof who has not been a part of the Olympic in over a decade.

Slopestyle snowbarding has also had its share of controversy after Canadian Max Parrot did not complete a proper move. The judges believed – without benefit of a replay – that Parrot grabbed his snowboard as is required. However, Parrot was later accused of grabbing his knee instead.

After receiving the gold medal in the event, Parrot admitted that he indeed did not fully execute the grab as required on his first of three runs.

As the ice dancing competition gets started, French skaters Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron set a new world record with 90.83 points; eclipsing their old record.

In the competition on February 12:

In the cross country women’s 4 X 5k relay, the Russian women earned the gold medal.

In the women’s skeleton event, Germany continues it dominance over the sliding sports when Hannah Neise won her first ever gold medal in the sport.

In the men’s large hill ski jumping event, Norwegian Marius Lindvik won the gold medal with a jump of 140 meters.

In the mixed team snowboardcross event, the U.S. duo of Lindsey Jacobellis and Nick Baumgartner earned the gold medal. It was the second gold medal for Jacobellis. The duo are also the oldest snowboarders in the games.

In the men’s 500 meter speedskating event, host country China won its first gold medal in its speedskating history.

While Germany continues to hold on to the lead in the gold medal count with eight; Norway has edges ahead of Austria to take the overall lead in the medal count with 17.

2022 Beijing Olympics February 11 medal count:
Norway – 17
Austria – 14
Germany – 14
Canada – 13
ROC – Russian Olympic Committee – 13
United States – 11
Netherlands – 11
Italy – 11
Sweden – 10
Japan – 10
People’s Republic of China – 8
Switzerland – 7
France – 7
Slovenia – 5
Finland – 4
Australia – 4
Republic of Korea – 4
Finland – 4
Hungary – 2
Czech Republic – 2
Poland – 1
New Zealand – 1
Belarus – 1
Slovakia – 1
Spain – 1
Latvia – 1
Poland – 1
Belgium – 1