Thanks to Title IX female athletes in college have access to a plethora of sporting activities; but once they graduate, those opportunities for professional play dwindle considerably.

Thanks to people like Kristen Miles, female basketball players are getting another opportunity to play professional basketball with the new Ahletes Unlimited Basketball league.

So far, eleven WNBA – Women’s National Basketball Association – have signed on to join the new league and the inaugural draft is scheduled for this Sunday – January 26 – in Las Vegas.

Athletes Unlimited Director of Basketball Kristen Miles spoke on the new league saying, “we are very pleased with the diverse and dynamic Athletes Unlimited Basketball roster for our inaugural season. True to our intentions from the beginning, we are providing an additional opportunity for women to play professional basketball in the U.S., whether on a current roster or not.”

So far, the league will only play for five weeks with all of the games being played in Las Vegas.

In a new format, the players will earn points for team results and individual stats. The top four players will draft the teams for the following week.

Basketball isn’t the only sport being opened nu to more women…

The Premier Hockey Federation – a female professional hockey league – is not only raising the salary cap for each team to $750,000; but is also expanding the league next season. The PHF will be adding two new teams. The Board of Governors is set to invest over $25 million over the next three years.

PHF Commissioner Ty Tumminia spoke on the news saying, “it’s an amazing investment by the ownership, and it really reaffirms the strength of their commitment to being a difference-maker in women’s hockey.” She added, “it’s important for us to advance to our next season and be crystal clear about the direction we’re headed, and what framework will be so that all athletes can make an informed decision about their careers.”

The United States and Canada will each get a new team. The Canadian team will be in Montreal; however, the location of the American team has yet to be revealed. Currently the PHF has teams in Boston, Toronto, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, St. Paul, Minnesota, Danbury, Connecticut, and Buffalo, New York.

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