On Monday night the top 10 remaining artists performed songs outside of their comfort zone on “Challenge Week”.

Tonight on the results show, two of those artists will be going home when host Cardon Daly reveals the eight artists moving on to the semi-finals.

The night begins with the first results…
Team Blake’s Paris Winningham
and Team Ariana’s Jim and Sasha Allen are safe for another week and the first acts in the semi-finals.

Gwen Stefani returns to “The Voice” for her season 19 winner Carter Ruben’s debut of “Horoscope”.  Ruben is the youngest male to ever win the show.

In the next results…
Tea m Kelly’s Girl Named Tom is safe and moving on to the semi-finals.

After a commercial break, it is time for more results…
Team Blake’s Wendy Moten
and Team Legend’s Joshua Vacanti are now in the semi-finals.

British artist May Muller comes to “The Voice” stage to perform her new hit “Better Days”.

Time for more results and the naming of the bottom three…
Team Blake’s Lana Scott
and Team Kelly’s Hailey Mia are also in the semi-finals.

Blake takes all three of his team members into the semi-finals.

Holly Forbes, Jershika Maple, and Jeremy Rosado are all in the bottom three and will perform their chosen songs in the last attempt to be the final singer in the semi-finals.  Two of the singers will be eliminated and go home.

First up is Team Kelly’s Jeremy Rosado with “What Hurts the Most”.

Next up is Team Ariana’s Holly Forbes one of coach Kelly Clarkson’s own songs – “Because of You”.

Team Legend’s Jershika Maple sings “What is Love?”.

At one time, all three of the singers in the bottom three were a part of Team Kelly.  Kelly told them that the show is a stepping stone to the next step.

In the final results of the night…

Team Legend’s Jershika Maple!

Holly Forbes and Jeremy Rosado have been eliminated from the competition.