“Dancing with the Stars” has reached the semi-finals and just six couples remain after the double elimination last week.  This week the remaining couples must perform two full dances as they battle for a spot in the finals and try to avoid a second week of a double elimination.

Round one is the redemption dance where one of the judges gives the couple a dance they want to see again.

First up is Cody and Cheryl with a Salsa given to them by Bruno.  The last time Cody and Cheryl performed the Salsa, fans only saw the rehearsal footage due to a Covid diagnosis.  Bruno said that the race to the finale started with a bang; adding that it was so much better.  Carrie Ann said that was the definition of redemption.  Len called it an action packed full on Salsa.  Derek said that it was a huge improvement from the first dance.  Cody and Cheryl scored 35 points for their dance.

Len gave Melora and Artem the Rumba from week two for their redemption dance.  Len said mission accomplished; adding that it was a terrific routine.  Derek called it a pure Rumba.  Bruno said that Melora had the right motion and beautiful.  Carrie Ann noted that Melora’s hip action was greatly improved.  Melora and Artem scored 36 points for their dance including a 10 from Len.  Melora is celebrating her 24th wedding anniversary tonight.

Carrie Ann gave Suni and Sasha the Foxtrot from week three.  Carrie Ann worked on the character of the dance with the couple.  Carrie Ann yelled in excitement; saying that the dance was full of joy.  Len called it a joyful happy dance.  Derek said that the new Suni is amazing.  Bruno said, “fox or not, this girl can trot.”  Suni and Sasha scored 39 points for their dance.

JoJo and Jenna got a visit from Len who gave them the Argentine Tango from week three.  Len said, “that was bloody brilliant.”  Derek said that it was really cool to see two women dance an Argentine Tango together.  Bruno said they blew all his fuses; adding that the dance was outstanding.  Carrie Ann noted that there was so much passion in the dance.  JoJo and Jenna earned another perfect score of 40.

Iman and Daniella got a visit from Derek who wanted to see the Tango from week three.  Derek helped Iman work on his frame.  Derek said that Iman just debunked the idea that a tall man can’t have a good frame; adding that Iman has come further than any other basketball player.  Bruno noted the frame was much better.  Carrie Ann called the dance fantastic.  Len noted that there was a vast improvement from week three. Iman and Daniella scored 37 points for their dance, including a 10 from Derek.

Closing out round one is Amanda and Alan got a visit from Len who wanted to see the Tango from week one.  Len said the dance had attack and aggression.  Derek called Amanda the most consistent dancer this season.  Bruno called the dance platinum; adding that Amanda was on fire.  Carrie Ann called the performance incredible.  Amanda and Alan scored 39 points after Carrie Ann deducted a point for what she said was a foot off the floor.

Redemption Round scores:
Cody and Cheryl – 35
Melora and Artem – 36
Iman and Daniella – 37
Suni and Sasha – 39
Amanda and Alan – 39
JoJo and Jenna – 40

The pros take the dance floor for a performance to a new song from the upcoming movie “Sing 2”. 

In round two is the couples last chance to impress the judges and fans for a spot in the finale.

First up is Melora and Artem with a Contemporary dance to “Thunder”.  Len liked how the dance mirrored the music; adding that Melora is always a joy to watch.  Derek noted that you can feel Melroa’s love for dance.  Bruno said that Melora has such a joy in her dance.  Carrie Ann called Melora a beautiful lyrical dancer.  Melora and Artem scored 36 points for their dance.

Cody and Cheryl return with an Argentine Tango.  Derek was obsessed with the opening; adding Cody did a great job.  Bruno called it a “hot dance”; adding that Cody went for it.  Carrie Ann said that Cody brought the drama to the dance.  Len noted that Cody has come so far this season.  Cody and Cheryl scored 36 points for their dance.

Suni and Sasha perform a Contemporary dance to “Gravity” by Sarah Barealis.  Bruno said that her lifts are “weightless”; adding that the world is in her hands.  Carrie Ann said that Suni brought them in.  Len called the dance passionate and drama; adding that she danced with feeling.  Derek noted that Suni enjoyed herself out there.  Suni and Sasha scored 38 points for their dance.

JoJo and Jenna return for a Contemporary routine.  JoJo’s grandma Joan made a visit to the rehearsal hall.  JoJo dedicated the dance to her grandpa who died recently.  A dancer nearly all her life, JoJo has been performing this style of dance her entire career.  Carrie Ann called the dance perfection.  Len said that JoJo mixes artistry with athleticism.  Derek loves JoJo’s grandma; adding it was the best Contemporary dance ever on the show.  Bruno called the dance exquisite and perfection.  It is no surprise that JoJo and Jenna earned another perfect score.

Iman and Daniella perform a Jazz routine to a song that includes his wife.  Len said that the lifts were spectacular.  Derek said that the dance was amazing.  Bruno called the lifts heart stopping.  Bruno said that Daniella spent so much time in orbit that she should be on Space X.  Carrie Ann noted that Iman brings something very different to the dance floor; adding it has everything she wants to see in a dance.  Iman and Daniella scored 38 points for their dance.

Closing out the night of dance, Amanda and Alan perform a Contemporary routine to a song written and performed by her husband Nick Cordero who died as a result of Covid last year.  Derek noted that  there are times that a dancer does something for themselves and she will always have that moment.  Bruno said that he was mesmerized and Amanda touched his heart.  Carrie Ann said that Amanda transcended.  Len noted that Amanda performed two different dances and did a fantastic job.  Amanda thanked Alan for the dance and the moment she will always have.  Amanda and Alan earned a perfect score for their dance.

Round two scores:
Melora and Artem – 36
Cody and Cheryl – 36
Suni and Sasha – 38
Iman and Daniella – 38
JoJo and Jenna – 40
Amanda and Alan – 40

Total scores:
Cody and Cheryl – 35 + 36 = 71
Melora and Artem – 36 + 36 = 72
Iman and Daniella – 37 + 38 = 75
Suni and Sasha – 39 + 38 = 75
Amanda and Alan – 39 + 40 = 79
JoJo and Jenna – 40 + 40 = 80

In this week’s results…
JoJo and Jenna
Iman and Daniella
and Cody and Cheryl are all moving on to the finale.

Melora and Artem, Suni and Sasha, and Amanda and Alan are all in danger of going home.

With the lowest votes of the night, Melora and Artem have been eliminated from the competition.

It is down to Suni and Sasha and Amanda and Alan.

Carrie Ann chose to save Amanda and Alan
Derek chose to save Amanda and Alan
Bruno chose to save Amanda and Alan

Amanda and Alan is the final couple moving on to the finale.

Suni and Sasha have been eliminated from the competition.

Len said that he would have also saved Amanda and Alan.