ON November 4, 2021 The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York and the National Toy Hall of Fame announced the newest members to be inducted into The Hall.

Only three of the 12 finalists were voted into the Hall of Fame – the board game Risk, the American Girl dolls, and sand.  The toys that were not selected are the electronic game Battleship, billiards, Cabbage Patch Kids, Fisher-Price Corn Popper, Mahjong, Masters of the Universe, piñata, the Settlers of Catan, and the toy fire engine.

The American Girl Dolls were created in 1986 to help young girls learn about American society and cultural history. The 18 inch dolls come with their own narrative but today the modern day dolls help young girls express their own individuality.

Created from the French game “Le Conquete du Monde”, Risk is a board game where players used mini figures to wage battle and conquer the world.

Sand has been around from the beginning of the Earth. Billions of children…and adults…have used the tiny silicon crystals to build, sculpt, and throw. Over the generations, many a little girl has created “mud pies”.

The National Toy Hall of Fame is located on the second floor of The Strong Museum.

The Strong Museum of Play is an interactive museum filled with numerous exhibits where visitors can play including, visit The Stoop on Sesame Street, “work” in the mini Wegmans’s grocery store, and learn while playing. The second floor of The Strong houses the National Toy Hall of Fame and the World Video Game Hall of Fame.