With Halloween less than one week away, “Dancing with the Stars” is celebrating the event with Horror night.

It has been a tumultuous half season so far with some very controversial eliminations and accusations of favourtism by the judges.

New judge Derek Hough will come from behind the judging table and take to the dance floor for a performance.

The Miz and Witney perform a Paso Doble inspired by “Hell Raiser”.  All week long, Mike tried to scare Witney in rehearsals.  Witney’s family joined The Miz’s family for some Halloween fun.  Len said that Mike nailed it.  Derek called the dance really impressive.  Bruno said that it was a devilishly good dance.  Carrie Ann loved the dance.  Tyra asked Mike what his biggest fear was and Mike said that stepping on the dance floor every week and being judged by professionals.  The Miz and Witney scored 34 points for their dance.

Kenya and Brandon dance an Argentine inspired by “Arachnophobia”.  Derek said that Kenya has an elegant demearnour about her.  Bruno said that Kenya could wrap him in her web any time; adding that she has great poise.  Carrie Ann said that Kenya has so much power.  Len said the Kenya spun a web that captured the flavour of the Argentine Tango.  Kenya and Brandon scored 32 points for their dance.

JoJo and Jenna are not clowning around when they dance a Jazz routine inspired by “It”.  JoJo came to rehearsal dressed as Jenna.  JoJo’s family came to visit in rehearsals this week.  Bruno called the dance brilliant; adding that they turned a nightmare into a work of art.  Carrie Ann said that there were so many thoughts going through her head; adding that JoJo is a brilliant dancer.  Len said that the dance captured the flavour of the book.  Derek said that it was beautifully done and phenomenal.  JoJo and Jenna scored their second perfect score in a row with 40 points.

Cody and Cheryl Cha Cha inspired by “American Psycho”.  Cody chats with his partner via video this week.  Cody dedicated the dance to his partner Andreas.  Carrie Ann said that Cody was amazing.  Len said “hallelujah”; adding he has been waiting for Cody to show them his potential…and he did it.  Derek called it Cody’s best dance.  Bruno said that the dance was great.  Cody and Cheryl scored 36 points for their dance.  This is Cody’s highest score so far.

Jimmie and Emma perform a Contemporary dance inspired by “A Quiet Place”.  Emma included American Sign language into the dance.  Jimmie was very emotional after the dance.  Len said that he loved the dance; adding that it held his attention.  Derek called it a beautiful routine.  Bruno said that Jimmie went beyond the film with their dance.  Carrie Ann said that Jimmie just understood the power of dance.  Jimmie and Emma scored 38 points including 10’s from Carrie Ann and Derek.

Taking a break from the competition, Derek, his girlfriend Hailey, and some special guests perform “Tango of the Dead”.

Olivia and Val dance a Paso Doble inspired by “The Purge”.  Derek said that Olivia has been amazing all season.  Bruno said that Olivia kept up with Val very well.  Carrie Ann said that Olivia makes things look effortless.  Len said that Olivia has come back to life and gave a terrific Paso Doble.  Olivia and Val scored 36 points for their dance.

Melora and Artem dance a Jive to “Hound Dog” inspired by the Stephen King film “Cujo”.  Melora’s dad was in “Cujo”.  Melora’s parents visit the rehearsal hall this week.  Melora dedicated the dance to her parents who were in the audience.  Bruno said that all of Melora’s performances make him feel good.  Carrie Ann said that it was a great performance; but wants more.  Len said that it was a mix of quantity and quality; adding that it was a proper Jive.  Derek said that Melora danced beautifully but agrees with Carrie Ann and wants more.  Melora and Artem scored 34 points for their dance.

Iman and Danielle dance a Contemporary routine inspired by Us”.  The dance brought the judges to their feet.  Carrie Ann stood up and said “holy cow”; adding that it was genius and perfection.  Len said that Daniella came up with the most brilliant concept; adding that the dance was terrific.  Derek jumped on the table; adding it was a dance people will watch over and over.  Bruno was transfixed; adding that it was a masterpiece performance.  Iman and Daniella earned a perfect score for their dance. 

Suni and Sasha dance a Tango inspired by the “Vampire Diaries” to the music of Ed Sheeran.  Sasha is known as the DWTS prankster but Suni got him; but Sasha got her back.  Len liked the frame; adding that there was lots of good movement.  Derek agreed the frame was beautiful.  Bruno said that Suni had bite tonight.  Carrie Ann noted the lift; adding that she can see the fun coming out.  Suni is a big “Vampire Diaries” fan and she got a video message from the show.  Suni and Sasha scored36 points for their dance.

Amanda and Alan close out the night of dancing with an Argentine Tango inspired by “Saw” to “Paint it Black”.  Amanda is not a fan of sp38ooky stuff.  Alan said that it is the hardest dance he has had to choreograph.  Derek noted that it was a challenging routine but a 10.  Bruno said that the dance was so sharp and so much real Argentine Tango content.  Carrie Ann said that Amanda is forcing herself instead of allowing it to happen.  Len said that the dance was a bit too sharp.  Amanda and Alan scored 38 points for their dance.

Horror Night scores:
Kenya and Brandon – 32
The Miz and Witney – 34
Melora and Artem – 34
Cody and Cheryl – 36
Olivia and Val – 36
Suni and Sasha – 36
Jimmie and Emma – 38
Amanda and Alan – 38
JoJo and Jenna – 40
Iman and Daniella – 40

In this week’s results…
Iman and Daniella
Olivia and Val
JoJo and Jenna
Cody and Cheryl
The Miz and Witney
Amanda and Alan
Jimmie and Emma
and Melora and Artem are all safe for another week.

Kenya and Brandon and Suni and Sasha are in the bottom and in danger of going home.

Carrie Ann chose to save Suni and Sasha
Derek chose to save Suni and Sasha
Bruno chose to save Suni and Sasha

Kenya and Brandon have been eliminated from the competition.

Len would have made it an unanimous decision.

Next week DWTS will rock out the music of Queen.