This week on “Dancing with the Stars” the eleven remaining couples pay tribute to the smash hit film “Grease” with plenty of Sandra Dee’s, pink ladies, and T-Birds in the Ballroom.

Original Sandy in the film Olivia Newton-John will be in the Ballroom to help mark the occasion. Frankie Avalon will also be one hand to perform “Beauty School Dropout” live while Amanda and Alan dance and Didi Conn who played Frenchie in the film will also be on hand.

Other songs on the show include “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee”, “Summer Nights”, “Sandy”, “You’re the One that I Want”, “Born to Hand Jive”, “Greased Lightnin’”, “There are Worse Things I Could Do”, “We Go Together”, and “Hopelyessly Devoted to You”.

For the past couple of weeks, Jimmie Allen has been on baby watch. His wife had her baby over the weekend and Jimmie can breathe a sigh of relief. Wife and new baby Zara James Allen are fine.

The professional dancers get the night started off with a performance to the film’s theme song.

Olivia Newton-John sends a message via video. Olivia returns throughout the night with tid bits and memories from the film.

Olivia and Val get the night of competition started off as the songs are presented in the order they appeared in the film. Olivia and Val dance a Foxtrot to “Summer Nights”. Len said that it was full of fun and entertaining; adding that Val had some great choreography. Derek called Olivia a perfect Sandy. Bruno said that Olivia captured Sandy beautifully. Carrie Ann echoed her fellow judges; adding that the technique was amazing. Olivia and Val scored 36 points for their dance to earn their highest scores this season.

Melora and Artem dance a Viennese Waltz to “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee”. Melora takes on the role of Rizzo. Artem admitted that he has never been to a sleepover in his life…or a pillow fight. Derek said that Melora is the gift that keeps on giving; adding that she brings the characters to life. Bruno said that Melora makes the characters her own; adding that she put some bump and grind into the dance. Carrie Ann loved that she never knew where Melora was going to go next. Len said that she didn’t just dance well, she brought it to life. Melora and Artem scored 36 points for their dance.

Iman and Daniella dance a Viennese Waltz to “Hopelessly Devoted to You”. Iman’s wife spoke to him on the way to catch her plane. Iman said that it reminds him of his wedding. Bruno said that he could really feel the love story in the dance. Carrie Ann noted that there is a big height difference; adding that it isn’t Iman’s best dance style. Len said that the dance had a gentleness that he liked but he lacks technique. Derek said that he loves watching Iman. Iman and Daniella scored 28 points for their dance.

The Miz and Witney Jive to “Greased Lightnin’”. Mike’s wife came to visit during rehearsals this week. Mike said that his wife is his real life Sandy. Carrie Ann said that Mike was living the dream; adding that it was amazing. Len said that overall it was a high octane full on Jive. Derek said that he looks forward seeing The Miz dance every week. Bruno noted that the timing was off but said, “what a performance”. The Miz dedicated his dance to his wife this week. The Miz and Witney scored 32 points for their dance.

Amanda and Alan dance a Viennese Waltz to “Beauty School Dropout” sung by Frankie Avalon himself. Avalon performed the song in the film version of the show. During the week’s rehearsals Amanda and Alan met Frenchie – Didi Conn – via a video. Amanda is playing Frenchie with Alan playing the guardian angel. Len thought the dance was fantastic; adding that Frankie Avalon was the icing on the cake. Derek said htat Amanda is consistently great in the Ballroom. Bruno said that when it comes to beauty and legs Amanda has plenty to spare. Carrie Ann said that Amanda had technique, charm, and elegance. Amanda and Alan scored 39 points for their dance to earn the highest score of the season so far. Amanda said that it was an honour to dance for Avalon.

Suni and Sasha Charleston to “Born to Hand Jive”. At the end of the dance, Suni gives Sasha a pie in the face. Derek was confused but loved it. Bruno said that it really felt like fun. Carrie Ann thought it was fantastic. Len noted that they had elements of Charleston in there; adding that he smiled the whole dance. Suni and Sasha scored 36 points for their dance.

Jimmie and Emma Foxtrot to “Sandy”; the song when Sandy abandons Danny at the drive-in. Bruno congratulated Jimmie on the new baby; adding that he was very good in hold. Carrie Ann said that Jimmie made baby Zara proud. Len said that there is a flair about Jimmie’s dancing; adding that the comes out with enthusiasm. Derek said that the dance was the complete package. There was something on the dance floor, Emma said was like ice. Len said it was “Grease”. Jimmie and Emma scored 34 points for their dance.

Kenya and Brandon dance a Rumba to “There are Worse Things I Can Do”. Kenya plays Rizzo. The result of a teenage pregnancy, Kenya was raised by her grandmother. Kenya’s grandmother died four years ago, but she dedicated the dance to her grandmother. Carrie Ann is happy that Kenya was still in the competition; adding she has incredible dignity. Len said that the dance had control and chemistry. Derek called the dance fantastic. A fanning Bruno said that she translated emotion through motion. Kenya and Brandon scored 36 points for their dance to earn her highest scores yet.

JoJo and Jenna dance a Foxtrot to the reprise of “Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee”. JoJo plays Sandy and Jenna plays Frenchie. Frenchie talks to the girls via video. Len stood and said that the dance was superb. Derek loves the partnership. Bruno said that it was the most exquisite example of friendship. Carrie Ann said the guys left her nothing to say but that it was perfection. JoJo and Jenna scored the first perfect socre of the season.

Melanie C and Gleb Quickstep to “You’re the One that I Want”. Derek called Mel phenomenal. Bruno said that Mel was right on with the dance. Carrie Ann noted that when Mel had fun it really showed. Len said that it was her best dance. Melanie and Gleb scored 36 points for their dance.

Cody and Cheryl close out the night of dancing with a Quickstep to “We Go Together”. Cody revealed that he played Knicki in his high school version of “Grease”. Bruno said that it was a great performance. Carrie Ann complimented them on getting through the dance after having Covid. Len liked the energy in the dance. Derek thought it was a great way to finish the night. Cody and Cheryl scored 32 points for their dance.

Grease scores:
Iman and Daneilla – 28
The Miz and Witney – 32
Cody and Cheryl – 32
Jimmie and Emma – 34
Olivia and Val – 36
Melora and Artem – 36
Suni and Sasha – 36
Kenya and Brandon – 36
Melanie C and Gleb – 36
Amanda and Alan – 39
JoJo and Jenna – 40

In this week’s results…
Kenya and Brandon
Jimmie and Emma
Melora and Artem
Cody and Cheryl
Suni and Sasha
JoJo and Jenna
The Miz and Witney
Amanda and Alan
and Iman and Daniella are all safe for another week.

Olivia and Val and Melanie C and Gleb are in the bottom two and in danger of going home.

Derek chose to save Olivia and Val
Carrie Ann chose to save Melanie C and Gleb
Bruno chose to save Melanie C and Gleb
Len chose to save Olivia and Val

With the vote tied, Len’s vote is the deciding factor which means that Melanie C and Gleb are going home with Olivia and Val getting another chance.